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Xi'an , covering an area of 9983 square kilometers with a population of 6230000,, is the biggest industrial city and cultural centre in Northwest China. There are seven districts of Beilin, Xincheng, Yanta, Baqiao, Weiyang Yanliang, Lianhu and six counties of Chang'an, Lintong, Gaolin under the jurisdiction of the municipal government.

Xi'an, called Chang'an in ancient time, served as the capital of 11 dynasties in history, where 73 emperors ruled over China for an aggregate time of 1,100 years. It served as an ancient capital beyond compare with regard to the number of dynasties and span of time.

Xi'an was the start point of the Old Silk Road. The well-known places of interest include:
The first Qin emperor tomb and his terra-cotta warriors, called the 8th marvelous spectacle in the world.
The Xian City Wall, a symbol of great significance of the famous historic cultural city of Xian.
Huashan, a mountain famous for being extremely magnificent and precipitous. There is only one perilous passage to the summit.
Wild Goose Pagoda,
The Banpo Museum
Bell Tower

Xi'an Travel Attractions
Terra cotta Warriors
Big Goose Pagoda
History Museum
Great Mosque
Ancient City Wall
Tang dynasty Show
Forest of Stone Steles
Small Goose Pagoda
Bampo Neolithic Village
Drum Tower
Huaqing Hot Springs
Bell Tower
Dumpling Dinner
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