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Urumqi tour map
Urumqi, Urumuqi travel China tour Xinjiang trip
Urumqi, Urumuqi tours China travel Xinjiang trip
Urumqi, Urumuqi tour China travel Xinjiang trips
Urumqi, Urumuqi tour China travel Xinjiang tours
Urumuqi, Urumuqi travel China tour Xinjiang tours
Urumqi, Urumuqi tours China travel Xinjiang tour
Urumuqi, Urumuqi tour China travel Xinjiang trip
Urumuqi, Urumuqi travel China tour Xinjiang trip
Urumuqi, Urumuqi tours China travel Xinjiang trip

Urumqi (Wulumuqi), situated on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains is most famous for being the furthest city in the world from the ocean. A relatively new city (founded in 1763), the most land locked area in the world is essentially a modern and drab place, resembling a Russian industrial town in many ways, with few sights of interest but a lively resident population who sustain enough intrigue to hold you here for a day or two. This is also a compulsory stop in terms of transportation (and has been since the Silk Road opened) throughout Xinjiang, and the spectacular Heaven's lake, a day trip from the city, justifies a visit to this area in itself.

Previously known as Dihua, meaning "Enlightening and Civilizing", the Chinese renamed the city in 1884 to its present day tag, Wulumuqi. Although the feeling and atmosphere here is predominantly Uigur, in fact, 80% of the population are Han Chinese. Long an important trading center, the Han Chinese population today dominate the industrial and commercial side of the city, with huge department stores and factories ruling the skyline here. An exploration of the older streets and the Uigur area known as Erdaoqiao provides a more interesting look at the different nationalities living in the city.

One thing to bear in mind here is the time! Although officialy run according to Beijing time, residents actually live life two hours behind Beijing. This does not however, affect train, plane and bus times, so make sure you are absolutely sure when you are supposed to leave and which time zone is being used!

History of Urumqi City

Urumqi means " A beautiful Pasture land " in ancient Mongolian used by the Junggar tribe. 2000 years ago it was once an important town on the new northern route of the Silk Road, which made important contribution in promoting Sino-fore- ign economic & cultural exchanges. During the 22nd year of the Zhenguan's reign in the Tang Dynasty, 648 A.D. , the Tang government set up the town of Luntai in the ancient town seat of Urabo.which is 10 kilometers away from the southern su- burb of Urumqi nowadays. The Ancient Luntai Town, which played quit significant a role on the new northern route of Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty, was the only town of tax collection, the only town of management, the town of supply and the first town as well. In the time of Qing Dynasty(A.D.1763) , the emperor Qian Lon- g named the expanded city as "DiHua". UP to A.D.1884, another emperor Guang Xu put up Xinjiang as a Province and the Di Hua city as the capital of XinJiang. Af- ter the founding of the people's Republic of China, by Feb.1,1954, the city name was restored to its original meaning e.g. Urumqi .

Urumqi has one county and seven districts under her jurisdiction. Such as Urum- qi county, Tianshan District, Sharyibark District,Toutunhe District, Shuimogou Dis- trict, Xinshi District,Dongshan District, Nanshan Mine District.

Exotic and unique ethnic Feature of Urumqi

Urumqi is a city where multiethnic groups of people live in compact of mixed communities.They are the Uygur,Han,Hui,Kazak,Mongolian,Kirgiz, Xibe, totally over 40 ethnic groups of people.
Visitors from other parts of China and abroad are immediately attracted by the city's uniqueness, the strong colorful ethnic life styles and local custo- ms. From architectural complex to family courtyards, from furniture to utens- ils, from food to clothing,from etiquette of the young to rituals of the old,from marriage customs to funeral rites,at all times and on all occasions, one sen- ses a strong unique ethnicity.

unique tourist resources

No.1 Glacier Urumqi is the only road of the north new route on the ancient "Silk Road" of world renown and the land of being gathered together for east- west cultural exchange in his- tory. The ancient city of wula- po is a miniature of silk-road culture.TheRepressing-Dragon of Red Hill Tower , The Red Phoenix Facing The Sun pavil- ion and Yue Wei Cottage etc reflect history and declare to the visitors£®In the landscape of the Heavenly Lake , the ice corrodes lake and the white snow makes a pleasing scene in the natural landscape of Nanshan Mountain , the snowy peaks penetrate into the clouds, with verdant woods .

Urumqi City Basic Situation Introduction

Urumqi city is the capital of Xinjiang autonomous region and the center of politics , economy and culture of Xinjiang . It also is the communications pivot of connecting with Xinjiang and inland provinces , and now it has become the window of exchange for economy culture and the important door of expend- ing the opening to western of China .

Urumqi city located in the middle--northern of Tianshan, the south edge of Zhunger Basins, The average elevation of Urumqi city is 800 meters, belongs to semiarid continental climate of middle temperate zone, annual temperature is 6.4¡æ average and has 236mm of average annual precipitation.The city has jurisdiction over seven zones and one county , the total area is 12000 square kilometers, among which the city program area is 1600 square kilo- meters and the established area is 82 square kilometers.

Urumqi is a multi-national city, where there are 43 ethnic groups headed by the Han, the Uygur, the Kazak, the Hui, the Mongolian and etc, with a total population is 1548 thousands up to the end of 1998 year, of which minority nationality makes up 27.3 percent .

The distribution of population is characteristic of "Big City, Small Suburbs", which the agricultural population only makes up 13 percent of the total one.

Urumqi has plenty of natural resource in its jurisdiction. The area of glacier and nevermelting snows covered on the peaks of Tianshan Mountains is 164 K©O. Their storage of water in solid is 6.2 billion stere, and it is called Solid Water Reservoir and Source of life. Urumqi lies in the middle of one of the China's super-large coal fields: the Zhunggar Coal Field, and it situates in the center of some oil field, such as the eastern oil field of Zhunger Basin in its northern, the Kelamayi oil field in it western and the Tu Ha oil field in its eastern, so, Urumqi is called as "coal ship on the oil sea" and "city on the coal field ". There are over 10 billion tons of coal reserves in underground. The exploitable coal seam is more than 80 meters in thickness. The coal is good in quality and different in variety. The Salt Lake is rich in minerals.The deposits of salt and mirabilite are over 100 million tons. The minerals resour- ces of gypsum, oil shale ,phosphorus, iron, copper, uranium, manganese and gold etc are quite notable. The total area of the fertile and cultivated land is 980,000 mu(65,333 hectares). The available natural grass land is 9.63 millio- n.The forest covers an area of 1.35 million mu(900,000 hectares). The water area is about 80,000 mu (5333 hectares). Urumqi abounds with leral crops, grains, vegetable oil, vegetables, melons, fruits, grapes, hops and there are more than 300 kinds of medical herbs growing in the fields and mountains, such as snow lotus flower(suassurea), boxthorn, fritillary asafetida. Thirty- three breeds of livestock, fowls and 10 species of fishes are living and bree- ding here. The abundant energy of sunlight, heat and wind are waiting to be exploited. The energy of solar radiation and efficient wind is 130 kcal/c©O and 2-3kw/©O. Oil and natural gas reserve a great deal in the jurisdiction of Urum- qi and the three large basins it borders. The advantages of the solo-owned and plentiful resources make Urumqi play an important role in the country.

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