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Home >> China City Guide >> Xinjiang >> Turpan >> Flaming Hill

Flaming Hill

Flaming Hill, Turpan tours China travel Xinjiang tourLocated at the northern edge of the Turpan Basin, Flaming Hill is about 10 kilometers east of downtown Turpan, stretching up to 100 kilometers from east to west and about 10 kilometers from south to north. With an average temperature of 30 degrees, it is known as the hottest place on earth and the highest temperature can even reach 47.8 degrees.
As tourism developed the Flaming Hill got more popularity. In fact the Flaming Hill became very popular since Wu Cheng'en in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) mentioned about it in his famous book" The Journey to the West" . The Flaming Hill got its name because in the evenings the red clay hills reflect the heat and glow making it look like burning.

There is no life on the hills; no grass grows, no animals or birds lives there. In summer days, the extreme heat can even boil an egg simply by burying it in the sand for just a few minutes. In spite of the heat, this site is still full of visitors to see the beauty around the hills like the Grape Valley, Peach Valley, Wood Valley and Shengjinkou Valley and other valleys shaped by the diastrophism millions of years ago. Among them, the unique beauty of Grape Valley attracts numerous visitors which surely add more flavor to the Flaming Hill nearby.

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