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Chinese Table Manner

For many western people, the Chinese table manner is terra incognita; many eating habits are very different. Chopsticks instead of fork and knife on the Chinese dinner table, but if you find chopsticks not helpful, you can ask for knife and fork from the restaurants. In the west, everybody has their own plate of food but in China food are placed on the table and everybody shares.

Usually the formal meal begins with at least four cold dishes, to be followed by the main courses of hot meat and vegetable dishes. Soup will be served after that, at last you can have rice, noodle or dumpling. One thing maybe surprises Western visitors is that some of the Chinese hosts like to put food into the plates of their guests but this is a sign of genuine friendship and politeness. When people drink, always raise their glasses to at least one person at the table; remember tap on your bowl with your chopsticks is not polite.

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