Chinese Topography and Rivers

The physical relief of China drops off in a series of escarpments eastward to the sea, letting in humid air currents from the sea and causing many rivers to flow east. China¡¯s rivers amount to 220,000 Km in total length, The Yangtze and Huanghe (Yellow) Rivers are among the world¡¯s mightiest rivers. Over renowned rivers include the Heilong, Songhua, Pearl, Liaohe, Haihe, Huai, Lancang, Nujiang, Yarlung Zangbo, and Tarim.

The many-splendid land of China is glorified by far-reaching mountain chains, magnificent highland, boundless plains, and gentle rolling hills. Mountains and highlands make up 65% of the Chinese continent, which is studded with 2,000-odd natural lakes, the 8,848.8-meter-high peak in the world; the lowest part of the Turpan Basin is 154 meters below sea level.