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Home >> China Travel Tips >> Mailing and Telephone

China Mailing and Telephone

When you are making a trip preparation to China, it is important for you to know how to mail in China. In case you need to mail a post card to your friends, for example. You will also need to know how to make a telephone call in China. Hope the following information helpful to you when you are planning to make a China travel.

Mailing in China

Mailing service is available in urban post offices and some hotels. When mailing a letter in china, make sure to use a standard envelope, fill in the postal code, and attach enough stamps. Express mail service is available in most post offices and express mail companies. The business centers of major hotels offer telefax and telegraph service.

How to Make a Telephone in China

Tourists can dial international or domestic long distance calls in their hotel rooms, and the expenses are included in the hotel bill. You may also make phone calls in post offices and public phone booths, where you are asked to pay right after you have finish your call. When you make a domestic long distance call, remember to dial the area zip code. When making an international call, you should dial ¡°00¡±, the country code and the area zip code before dialing the number of the person you want to take to (if the area code of a given country begins with 0, delete it when you make a call). International and domestic long distance calls and local calls also are made in telephone booths using magnetic cards or IC cards.

When you are traveling in China, please remember those useful telephone numbers:

0086- China's international zip code

110- Chinese Police

119- Chinese Fire Alarm

120- Chinese Ambulance

112- Inner-city Telephone Mishap

113- Domestic Long Distance Call Operator

114- Local Phone Director

115- International Long Distance Call Operator

116- Information on Domestic Long Distance Cal

117- Time Inquiry

121- Weather Forecast

96118- Tourist Complaints in China

Those phone numbers, which are effective anywhere in China, will not be repeated in our introductions to tourist cities.

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