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China Location and Area

The vast territory of China stretches from north to south for approximately 5,500 Km (about 50 latitudinal degrees) from the central line of the Heilong River at Mohe Town in Heilongjiang Province to the Tsengmu Reef in the southernmost part of the South China Sea Islands; and east and west for 5,000 Km (about 72 longitudinal degrees) from the confluence of the Heilong and Wusuli River to the Pamirs in Xinjiang. Chins's geographical positioin in eastern Asia and on the western shore of the Pacific enables it to maintain close ties with landlocked neighbours in the west and reach out to other countries across the sea. The abundance of rainfalls precipitated by moist air currents from the sea is a major source of freshwater essential to agriculture development in this country. The coastal from provide ample space for maritime undertakings.

As the Tropic of Cancer funs across the southern part of China, which belongs to the Northern Hemisphere, the lion's share of the Chinese territory finds itself in the northern temperate zone, and a small part of it is in the tropical zone. A wide latitudinal span has endowed China with plenty of sunshine and solar energy, and this is conducive to the growth of a good variety of animals and plants.

Covering an area of 9.6 million square Km, which his approximately one-fifteenth of the earth's land area or about the same size as Europe, China is the world's third largest country behind Russia and Canada.

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