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Home >> China Travel Tips >> Civil Aviation Regulations

China Civil Aviation Regulations

Airlines in China provide warmhearted, safe and quality service for travelers to China.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is a functional department in charge of the nation's civil aviation industry, which has opened around 1,216 domestic lines that cover 146 cities with Beijing in the center. There are also 290 international airlines and 43 regional airlines, radiating to 92 cities in 48 countries. Flying along there lines are some of the world's finest aircraft, and all the major airports are equipped with the world's best available facilities. Air China is one of the safest air companies in the world.

If you have reserved a seat to continue your flight in China, or for a return journey on an international or regional flight, you should reconfirm its reservation at least 72 hours before departure if you stop over at the boarding place for longer than 72 hours. Or else the seat shall be automatically cancelled. No confirmation is necessary if you stop over at the place for your continued flight or return flight for less than 72 hours.

Ticket Validity:
The validity period of normal fare tickets, whether for single, return or circular trips, is one year. The validity periods of special fare tickets and discount normal fare tickets are calculated on the basis of related fares in accordance with relevant stipulations.

Airport Fee:
A 50- Yuan airport fee shall be collected from passengers departing from any domestic airports in the People's Republic of China. Passengers holding diplomatic passports, transit passengers who stop over for less than 24 hours, and children under the age of 12, are exempt from the airport fee. Free

Luggage Allowance:
The free luggage allowance by weight for every passenger holding a ticket with full fare or half fare for an international or regional flight is 40 Kg for a first-class ticket, 30- Kg for a business class ticket, and 20 Kg for an economy class ticket. No free luggage allowance is granted to babies who pay 10 percent of the adult fare.

Carry-on Baggage
According to CAAC regulation, 2 pieces is allowed for a passenger holding a first class ticket; and 1 piece for a passenger with a business or an economy-class ticket. The dimensions for each piece of luggage allowed should not exceed 20*40*55 cm, and the maximum weight shall not exceed 5 Kg. You will have to pay if you bring more luggage aboard than allowed in terms of piece or weight.

Free baggage allowance may differ according to different airline companies and different flights. Please read as clearly as possible the regulation on free baggage allowance stated on your air ticket, and consult ticket office clerks about the detailed information hereinto.

Carry-on personal items allowed on international flights
A purse, a coat, raincoat or blanket for travel use, an umbrella or waling stick, a small camera, a small telescope, reading materials, necessary food for infants, an infant restraint seat, and assistive devices like folding chairs, crutches, canes or artificial limbs for individuals with a disability.

Alcoholic drinks are not permitted to be carried on domestic flights in China, but can be packed in checked baggage. The packing of alcoholic beverage shall satisfy relevant regulations on civil aviation. Passengers accompanied by infants may take carry-on liquid dairy items. After passing the security check, necessary amount of liquid medicines using by the diabetics or other patients are allowed to be carried onboard.

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