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China Tourist Sights

Chengbo Lake Water Park (attractions2-jinan) 2016-7-6
Ocean Park (attractions2-hongkong) 2016-6-23
Incense Hill (attractions2-harbin) 2016-6-8
Underwater World (attractions2-hangzhou) 2016-5-1
Tropical Wildlife Park (attractions2-haikou) 2016-4-5
Changlong Wildlife Park (attractions2-guangzhou) 2016-3-22
Jueshan Temple (attractions2-datong) 2016-3-12
Mysterious Orient Bodhi Community Theme Park (attractions2-dalian) 2016-2-15
Three Pagodas (attractions2-dali) 2016-1-16
Baidicheng (attractions2-chongqing) 2016-1-5
Dufu Thatched Cottage (attractions2-chengdu) 2015-12-27
Jinshanling Great Wall (attractions2-chengde) 2015-12-20
Shiyanhu Lake (attractions2-changsha) 2015-12-8
Prince Gong Palace Garden (attractions2-beijing) 2015-11-17
Zhangliang Temple (attractions2-xian) 2015-9-29
Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (attractions2-wuhan) 2015-9-4
Ancient Culture Street (attractions2-tianjin) 2015-8-7
Baoyuan Laocu Workshop (attraction2-taiyuan) 2015-6-16
Humble Administrator's Garden (attraction2-suzou) 2015-5-28
Zhujiajiao (attraction2-shanghai) 2015-5-21
Tianya Haijiao (attraction2-sanya) 2015-5-12
Baguan Mountain (attraction2-qingdao) 2015-5-6
Zhongshan Scenic Area (attraction2-nanjing) 2015-4-13
White Horse Temple (attraction2-luoyang) 2015-3-31
Fuliang Ancient Town (attraction2-jingdezhen) 2015-3-15
Daming Lake (attraction2-jinan) 2015-3-7
Victoria Peak (attraction2-hongkong) 2015-3-2
Harbin Amusement Park (attraction2-harbin) 2015-2-24
Song Dynasty City (attraction2-hangzhou) 2015-2-11
Wugong Temple (attraction2-haikou) 2015-1-26
Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area (attraction2-guangzhou) 2015-1-14
Mogao Grottoes (attraction2-dunhuang) 2015-1-7
Hanging Temple (attraction2-datong) 2014-12-16
Forest Zoo (attraction2-dalian) 2014-11-20
Dazu Rock Carvings (attraction2-chongqing) 2014-10-30
Xiling Snow Mountain (attraction2-chengdu) 2014-10-16
Mulan Weichang (attraction2-chengde) 2014-10-9
Huitang Hot Spring (attraction2-changsha) 2014-9-28
Badaling Great Wall (attraction2-beijing) 2014-9-18
Terracotta Warriors (attraction2-xian) 2014-9-11
Gulangyu Island (attraction2-xiamen) 2014-9-2
Yellow Crane Tower (attraction2-wuhan) 2014-8-25
Panshan Mountain (attraction2-tianjin) 2014-8-18
Mengshan Giant Buddha (attraction2-taiyuan) 2014-8-8
Zhouzhuang (attraction2-suzhou) 2014-7-28
Oriental Pearl TV Tower (attraction2-shanghai) 2014-7-18
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area (attraction2-sanya) 2014-7-12
Laoshan Mountain (attraction2-qingdao) 2014-7-4
Zhongshan Mausoleum (attraction2-nanjing) 2014-6-30
Chongdu Ditch (attraction2-luoyang) 2014-6-16
Thousand Buddha Mountain (attraction2-jinan) 2014-6-4
Lamma Island (attraction2-hongkong) 2014-5-28
Sun Island Scenic Area (attraction2-harbin) 2014-5-20
Hangzhou Paradise (attraction2-hangzhou) 2014-5-13
Holiday Beach Water World (attraction2-haikou) 2014-5-3
Chimelong Paradise (attraction2-guangzhou) 2014-4-29
Dunhuang Ancient City (attraction2-dunhuang) 2014-4-19
Kongzhong Prairie (attraction2-datong) 2014-4-10
Shengya Ocean World (attraction2-dalian) 2014-4-4
Sinkhole Third Bridge (attraction2-chongqing) 2014-3-28
Dujiangyan Irrigation (attraction2-chengdu) 2014-3-25
Summer Villa (attraction2-chengde) 2014-3-18
Window of the World (attraction2-changsha) 2014-3-14
Longqing Gorge (attraction2-beijing) 2014-3-10
Huoyuanjia Former Residence (attraction2-tianjin) 2014-3-6
Fenhe Reservoir (attraction2-taiyuan) 2014-3-3
The Bund (attraction2-shanghai) 2014-2-26
Trestle Bridge (attraction2-qingdao) 2014-2-23
Qinhuai River (attraction2-nanjing) 2014-2-19
Longmen Grottoes Scenic Area (attraction2-luoyang) 2014-2-19
Baotu Spring, Yaoli (attraction2-jinan-jingdezhen) 2014-2-15
Arcade Old Street, Qiandao Lake, Judea New Hall,
Mingsha Mountain, Emei Mountain, Shitouji Mineral Park, (attraction2-datong) 2014-1-18
Baoding Mountain (attraction2-chongqing) , Laohutan Ocean Park (attraction2-dalian), Yungang Grottoes (attraction2-datong) 2014-1-8
Chengdu Wenshu Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Chunxi Road, (attraction2-chengdu) 2014-1-4
Twin Towers Mountain, Pingquan Liaoheyuan River, Shiyanhu Lake, Dawei Mountain, Weishan Rafting, 2013-12-17
Embroidery Museum, Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb, Orange Island, Yuelu Mountain, (attraction2-changsha) 2013-12-17
Ocean Park, Disneyland (attraction2-hongkong) 2013-12-12
Ice and Snow World, Central Avenue Pedestrian Street (attraction2-harbin) 2013-11-27
Hengshan Mountain, Yungang Grottoes (attraction2-datong) 2013-11-19
China Ancient Animal Museum, Forbidden City (attraction2-beijing) 2013-10-25
Fairy Mountain National Forest Park , Dragon Falls (attraction2-chongqing) 2013-10-2
Bingyu Valley, Golden Pebble Beach, Discovery Kingdom Theme Park (attraction2-dalian) 2013-9-26
Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, Dongtian Park (attraction2-sanya) 2013-9-18
Donghu Lake, Mulan Mountain, Hubei Provincial Museum (attraction2-wuhan) 2013-9-11
Huaqing Hot Springs, Shaanxi History Museum, Sun Moon Valley Spa Resort
Xinglong Tropical Garden, Lingyin Temple, West Lake, Tongli Old Town
Liuxihe National Forest Park, Haikou Tropical Ocean World, Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

China is located in east Asia, is one of the Chinese civilization as the main body, the Chinese culture as the foundation, to the han nationality as the main population of a unified multi-ethnic country. General Chinese. Within the Chinese territory of each ethnic collectively known as the Chinese nation, which is also called Chinese or Chinese. The dragon is the symbol of the Chinese nation.

China is one of the four great ancient civilizations, has a long history, dating back some 5000 years ago, the central plains area centered settlement organization, in turn, into countries and dynasty, began to appear after after many times evolution and dynasty changes, duration long dynasties of xia, shang, zhou, han, jin, tang, song, yuan, Ming and qing, etc. Continuously in the history of Chinese dynasty and the northern nomadic people exchanges, in many integration become the Chinese nation. After the xinhai revolution in the early 20th century, China's monarchy history, replaced by a republic. After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, established the people's congress system in mainland China's regime. China has a colorful history and culture, traditional art forms such as opera, calligraphy and Chinese painting, the Spring Festival, the lantern, the tomb-sweeping day, dragon-boat festival, festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, double ninth is a traditional festival.

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