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Sanya Tour

Sanya locationSanya is located in the southernmost part of Hainan Island. Sanya has a tropical ocean climate. Temperatures average 25.4°C throughout the year. June is the hottest month with average temperature of 28°C, while January is the coldest, with average temperatures of 21.6°C. There are 2476.9 hours of sunshine each year, while annual rainfall averages 1392.2 mm. Flowers, trees and other plants are in full blossom throughout the year, so Sanya is known throughout China as a "natural greenhouse". It is especially suitable for growing crops during the winter. Indeed, Sanya has now become famous as a production base for winter for different plants. Due to its unique tropical coastal city, Sanya has become not only one of China's key tourist resorts, but an important international tropical beachfront tourist destination as well. It can be seen as a resplendent pearl adorning Hainan Island's jade green land.

Sanya has a long history and lots of places of interest. However, in ancient times Sanya was called Yazhou and because it was inaccessible and wild, the city and surrounding area were seen as dangerous places to travel to. Indeed, the Qin Dynasty banished exiled officials to Sanya. During the Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties alone, more than 50 officials were exiled here, including some outstanding and high-ranking ones. They were sent thousands of miles away from civilization and could never return. Thus Yazhou was known as "the gate of hell". However the unique natural landscape, rich local products and the simple Sanya life-style changed the psychology of some people.
Every part of Sanya is adorned with coconut groves. These groves and the trees that cover 60% of the city and its downtown landscape-green plants cover 40% of the central city-make for a close harmony between Sanya and the natural environment. In fact, Sanya is China's most beautiful tropical garden and was included among the country's first group of eco-demonstration cities. Its tourism resources are unique in China, even the world, making the city a choice destination for vacationers. Sanya's mountains, rivers, sea and harbors are harmoniously united and the city has the ten key tourism resources of "sunshine, seawater, sandy beaches, climate, forests, hot springs, ethnic culture, idyllic fields and grottoes". Sanya has two 5A-rated tourism districts, the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone and Wonders of the Mountain and Sea, or Paradise Caves for Celestial Beings. The city also boasts three 4A-rated districts, the Yalong Bay National Resort, Tianya-Haijiao Park (the End of the Earth), and Wu Zhi Zhou Island Resort. In addition to these attractions, the island has many other different scenic sports with unique characteristics. Indeed, Sanya has gained the reputation of "Not Hawaii, but overshadows Hawaii", for its jade-like azure waters, silky beaches, rainbow-shaped bays and picturesque scenes.

Sanya is an inspiring land of longevity and is highlighted by its unparalleled bays with crystal-clear sea water, unspoiled sandy beaches. diversified coral clusters, shells and tropical fish. Sanya has recently refurbished its river and ocean sides with view platforms and built gala squares, staircase berths and viewing over walk bridges, as we11 as other recreational and entertaining facilities. This construction emphasizes the city's eco-culture and the mangrove views of "egrets perching on mangrove branches while fish and crabs swim under the roots". All these efforts have led to emergence of a series of landscaping belts incorporating sightseeing, recreational and commercial activities as a whole. All of this had made Sanya into a city with stronger tropical atmosphere in comparison to other tourist metropolises. It really is an international tropical beachfront tourist destination and the paradise for tourists.

China Great Travel offers customized Sanya tours which including private Sanya tour packages, group big bus day trips. The following tours are for your reference. There are many other travel attractions you can choose. We are always ready to tailor make a private and personal Sanya tour package for you which can have more tourist destinations included: Beijing, Haikou, Guangzhou, Guilin, Shanghai, Nanning, Hong Kong or Yangtse River. Just send us an email to get our travel expert help planning your China tour to Sanya. (Designing tour itinerary is free!)

Private Sanya Tours

Monkey Island One Day Private Sanya Tour To Monkey Island

Tour Code: Sanya_01
Destinations: Sanya

Sanya City Tour One Day Private Sanya Tour To Yalong Bay

Tour Code: Sanya_02
Destinations: Sanya

China Tour Packages Inclusive Of Visiting Sanya


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