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Science and Technology

At beginning of 21st century, the gap in high-technology research and development between China and the world's advanced countries has visibly shrunk; 60% of technologies, including atomic energy, space, high-energy physics, biology, computer and information technology, have reached or are close to the world advanced level.

The basic Law on Progress of Science and Technology promulgated in July 1993 underpins China's development of science and technology and its system of granting science and technology awards. This stipulates the objectives, functions and sources of funds, and the system of rewards for science and technology development. The Law on Popularization of Science and Technology promulgated in June 2002 makes a societal goal to popularize science and technology knowledge among all citizens.

Since the 1990s, state budgets for science and technology have greatly increased. In 2004, the appropriation for science and technology reached 97.55 billion yuan, 19.5 percent more than in 2003; the government spent 184.3 billion yuan on scientific research and development, 19.7 percent more than in 2003, accounting for 1.35 percent of GDP, the highest in China's history.

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