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Luoyang tour map
Luoyang China
Luoyang China Henan Province
Luoyang Henan Province

Luoyang city is located in the western part of Henan Province, on both bides of the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It is a state-grade historic cultural city and a famous ancient capital.Luoyang is also a newly develop-ing industrial city with rich resources, splendid culture, convenient transport and a strong scientific and technological force.

According to textual research, since China's first dynasty-the Xia Dynasty set up its capital here, Luoyang was made the capital city at different times by 13 dynasties in China's history, including the Xia, Shang, Eastern Zhou, Eastern Han, Cao Wei, Western Jin, Northern Wei, Sui and Tang, over a period of 1,529 years. Of China's seven ancient capital cities, Kaifeng is the earliest city in China, with the longest history as a capital city, and the largest number of dynasties setting up their capital here.

Luoyang is the east starting point of the world-renowned Silk Road. Since the period of the East Han Dynasty, it gradually became an international Metropolis. History has left behind rich historic heritage in Luoyang, including ruined sites of ancient capital cities, temples, grottoes, tombs and inscribed stone tablets.

Of these historic relics, the state-grade protected key historic relics unit-the ruined sites of the 5 ancient capitals of the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Han-Wei and Sui-Tang Dynasties are invaluable rare treasures of the whole world. Longmen Grottoes is one of China's three stone carving art treasures and has been designated as part of world cultural heritage.

The White Horse Temple is the first officially-run Buddhist temple set up after Buddhism was introduced into China, often called the "Source" or the" Ancestral Court" of China's Buddhism.

At Mounshan Mountain there remains China's largest ancient tombs group, with the imperial mausoleums of the various dynasties since the East Zhou forming the main part. The first World Ancient Tombs Museum has been set up here.

Luoyang peony is world renowned for its rare beauty, regarded as the "finest flower under heaven." It is not only the flower of Luoyang City, but also the national flower of China. The magnificent Peony Festival held in Luoyang every April attracts countless domestic and international visitors.

Luoyang has become a stage of displaying Luoyang's(even Henan's) traditional culture and peony culture as well as a window to help promote economic development and opening up to the outside world.

Luoyang Travel Attractions
Longmen Grottoes
White Horse Temple
Shaolin Temple
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