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Kashgar tour mapXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which is located in the heart of the Eurasian Continent known as the Western Regions in ancient times. It borders upon Mongolia, Russia. Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, covering an area of 1.66million sq. Km, about one-sixth of the national total. The Silk Road in Xinjiang was divided into three routes: the southern, the middle and the northern. Along the 2,000km Silk Routes there are numerous ruins of ancient cities, beacon towers and cultural relics. Lining the routes are many multi-national region marked by distinctive features of both spoken and written languages, music and dancing, and customs of the ethnic minorities in accordance with their different background of history and civilization and religious beliefs.

Kashgar, Kashgar travel China tour Xinjiang tripThere is one word that best describes the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: exotic. There is no other province quite like it in all China. Taking up more than one-sixth of the country's landmass, Xinjiang is China's largest province, bounded by a 5,000-Kilometer (3,125-mile) frontier which borders no fewer than eight other nations. It embraces the Taklamakan Desert, the largest in China, as well as some of the country's highest mountain ranges. In winter, the temperature is well below freezing. In summer, it is scorching. It is not just geographical splendor that makes Xinjiang special. The ancient Silk Road passed through this region, linking China with faraway ports on the Caspian and Mediterranean seas. Those Links left a strong impression on the region that remains today. Xinjiang is home to many magical oasis towns that were once crucial staging posts on the most celebrated trading route the world has ever known. This is where you will discover one of Xinjiang's greatest attraction-its people. The natives of the province are Uygurs, a Muslim race who appear more Central Asian than Chinese. Kashgar, Kashgar tours China travel Xinjiang tripSome even have fair hair and blue eyes. The Uygur speaks a language which is Turkic in origin. Indeed, the influence of civilizations to the west is strongly seen and felt everywhere across Xinjiang, notably in the long Uygur tradition of showing hospitality to outsiders. Their music, dance and custom are fascinating and delightful. As for the food? The smell of delicious barbecued lamb and mutton Kebabs is omnipresent. Visiting Xinjiang is like entering a strange and exciting world.


Every year Uygur people celebrate a number of religious festivals. The most celebrated highlights in the life of Uygur are the Lesser Bairam and the Corban. The dates of Muslim festivals change annually for they are based on the Islamic calendar. According to Islamic doctrine, the ninth month on the Islamic calendar is a month of fasting. On the night of the last day of the month people will see if Kashgar, Kashgar tour China travel Xinjiang tripsthe crescent moon is out to decide if the next day (the first day of the 10th month) will be the day of fast -breaking. If the moon is not seen, people will continue their fast but the extension period will be on more than three days.

Kashgar, a town of over 100 mosques, Muslims are led by local imams to the Idkah Mosque for a whole city celebration. From dawn to noon, people pouring into the square. Each group is led by an imam clad in a robe wearing turbar. On the way they will stop after walking a short distance to recite the Koran and repeat this seven times. By 2:00pm. a gathering of 100,000 strong is found in the square in front the Idkah Mosque and the ceremony now officially begins. The Corban festival is in 24,Feb, 2002. The Muslims great each other and pour our of the mosque and square. Music is heard coming from the tower of the mosque to mark the beginning of a great fanfare. Kashgar, Kashgar tour China travel Xinjiang toursOn the street all you can hear are the footsteps and Koran reciting by Muslim disciples. All the shops in the city are closed and people mustn' t go to work.

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