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Home >> China City Guide >> Zhejiang Province >> Hangzhou >> Wuzhen Water Town tours and travel guide

Wuzhen Water Town

Wuzhen Water Town
Wuzhen Water Town, Hangzhou
Wuzhen Water Town
Wuzhen Water Town, China

As one of four famous ancient towns in Jiangnan, Wuzhen has existed with a long history of 6000-plus years. Wuzhen, the junction of two provinces and three cities, is 17 kilometers north of Tongxiang City.

Wuzhen is a typical Jiangnan town, with a reputation of "hometown of fertile fish and rice, mansion of silk". There is a river running through the whole town. All buildings face the river, which forms a charming water-town sight. In 1991, Wuzhen was regarded as a famous provincially cultural town and now it's a National AAAA Scenery. Here perfectly conserves ancient town scenes and structures of Late Qing Dynasty and Republican Period. The special character of Wuzhen is that it wholly shows the Jiangnan Building style: streets are built on river, buildings face river, streets are linked with bridges, and town and water are combined into a body. Buildings in this style reflect Chinese classical humanity of "live with harmony". Meanwhile, such kind of ensemble beauty also shows the harmony between the nature and cultural environment, which perfectly presents the space charm in this Jiangnan water-town. Besides, Wuzhen characterizes with its special layout -it is divided into several districts: traditional workshops district, traditional local-styled dwelling houses district, traditional culture district, traditional food and beverage district, traditional shops and stores district, and water township customs and life district.

This is the west part of Wuzhen, composed of 12 islands with over 60 bridges to link them. The density of rivers and the quantity of stone bridge rank first in all China ancient towns. Wherever you choose for the visual angle, you can see another stone bridge through any arch. For this reason, Xizha gets another name of "bridge in bridge". The "bridge in bridge" is known as the most beautifully ancient bridge view, whose beauty can lead it to be the top of all bridge scenes.

Jiangnan Hundred-Bed Museum
Jiangnan Bai Chuang Museum, located in No.210 of the East Street, covers an area of more than1200 square meters. This is the first museum to collect and show Jiangnan ancient beds, with tens of delicate ancient beds dating to Ming, Qing Dynasty and modern times. All these ancient beds are showed with their exquisite craft and unique style, which reflects our working people's superb technology, their sensitive arts sensibility and rich imagination of structural form.

Jiangnan Folk Custom Museum
Here originally used to be the home of Jin, a very rich family in this district. The museum sets out many folk customs dating from the Late Qing Period to the Republican Period, for example: Birthday Celebration, Wedding Ceremony and other time festivals. Those wonderful wax statues model out drama scenes of weddings and funerals, integrating with people's expectation of happy life. Besides, from the show of ancient Jiangnan clothing, we can look into the historical integration between Chinese and Western styles.

Jiangnan Woodcarving Display Hall
Jiangnan Woodcarving Display Hall, the former home of Xu family in Dongzha, has a nickname of Hundred Flower Hall and is famous for its delicate carvings. Carvings on the wooden doors and window frames were superbly and vividly carved through methods of round sculpture, flat carving engraved carving and hollowed carving. All woodcarvings are designed basing on various Life situations, like The "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", "Guiziyi celebrating Birthday". Besides, classical patterns like "Long Feng Cheng Xiang" and "Merlin bamboo-ju" are also showed on these carvings. According to these phenomenal carvings, visitors can sense the heavy custom of Jiangnan and appreciate Chinese extensive and profound woodcarving culture.

Ancient Coins and Paper Money Museum
Yuliu liang, the owner of this house, spent over 40 years to collect nearly 26,000 coins and paper money of more than 230 countries and areas. It's said that the museum is one of the most extensive collections of coin and paper money in China from the gold-covered copper coin of the Shang Dynasty onwards. The collections are rich in their materials, types and quantity. From this ancient museum, we g\can get some knowledge about the evolution of money and the change of history.¡¡

Former Residence of Mao Dun
Located at No.17 of Guanqian Street, Former Residence of Mao Dun has been the only national key cultural-relics protection unit in Jiaxing City. It is a wooden building with two floors and four rooms. Facing south, this museum covers a total area of 450 square meters. There is full of strong and serene book fragrance though it's decorated with simple layout.

Suffering a lot, Wuzhen succeeded to conserve the original scene and style of Jiangnan water-town. It shows Jiangnan typical "small bridge, flowing water, village, stone path and old wooden house", and all of these seemly indicates a special emotion, a profound atmosphere.

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