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Home >> China City Guide >> Guangxi >> Guilin >> Wave Subduing Hill (Fubo Hill) sightseeing and tour

Wave Subduing Hill (Fubo Hill)

Fubo Hill, Guilin
Sword-Testing Rock in Fubo Hill Guilin
Guilin Fubo Hill
Thousand-Buddha Cave in Fubo Hill

Located on the side of Li River, Guilin, Fubo Hill is known for its shape and delicate and pretty scenery. The galloping water blocked here and the wave subduing slightly so as to the coming of this name. Another origin of the name is from a General of Han Dynasty whose name is Fubo. He campaigned here, in order to conquer the battle he shot an arrow and penetrate three hills magically.

Tingtao Pavilion It was built in 1964 against the cliff to the Fubo Hill for the reception of visitors. With an open view scope, it is the most graceful place here. Close the eyes and feel the sound of the waves, the heaven open up before the viewer.

Sword-Testing Rock It is a huge stone which was used to sharpen the sword to defense the enemy. It looks like a pillar plunging from the ceiling into the water surface. You can touch it but take care of the safety. There are some other legends of the stone, one is the tale of General Fubo who tested the sword on the stone, which gives its present shape. When Fubo negotiated with the offenders and reached to the deadlock, he pulled out the sword and cut off the stone, the stone come into halves. The offenders was frightened by his courage and skill, so they agreed to draw back to the previous border before their invasion. From then on, the rock was known as 'Sword-Testing' in memory of the valiant general.

Thousand-Buddha Connecting with the Pearl-Returning Cave, it is the hillside. The upper is 6 meters long from the south to the north and 7.4 meters wide from the west to the east and the height is 12 meters, the middle is 2.3 meters high and 7.4 meters wide, while the bottom is 20 meters, 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters high. As many as 239 Buddhist statues that, made in the late period of Tang Dynasty, are the precious Buddhist material with the high research value. All of the artworks bear exquisite carvings. Natural scenery of rocks and pavilions compose of the fantastic and marvelous sight of Fubo Hill.

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