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Sanjiang, Guilin tours China travel Guangxi tour
Sanjiang, Guilin tour China travel Guangxi trip
Sanjiang, Guilin travel China tour Guangxi trip

The remote mountain valley region where Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan provinces meet constitutes the traditional homeland of China's Dong nationality. Sanjiang, which lies in the very meet point of the three provinces, is compried of five national minority groups: Dong, Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Han.

With a total population exceeding 338,000, in which Dong numbering 189,000, 55.9 percent of the total. Sanjiang connects with Longshen and Guilin to the east, Rongshui and Liuzhou to the south, Guizhou to the west and Zhangjiajie to the north. With richness of tourism resources both in nature and culture, Sanjiang occupies a very important position of tourism in Guangxi.

Thanks in part to the remote and rugged topography of Southwest China, the Dong people inhabiting Sanjiang areas continue to display the richness of their cultural heritage as excellent musicians, superb architects, and makers of high quality textiles. Sanjiang is a land of song, the Dong are especially famous for their chorus singing. Traditionally the Dong had no written form of their language. Instead, the Dong?s history and ancient legends were imbedded in song. Dong festivals occur throughout each year, varying from Bull fighting Festival to Bird-fighting Festival, competitive Fireworks Festival to colorful Singing Contest. Local food and speciality such as sour fish and pickled pork are tasty dishes to attempt, oiled tea and rice wine are always good drink to increase your mental activity.

Sanjiang is famous for its breathtaking natural landscapes and colourful cultural Centres. Tourism resources have been developed in recent years. There are six dramatic scenic district's distributing Sanjiang areas, which are Chengyang, Mengjiang, Bajiang, Laobao, Danzhou and Doujiang District. The simple but graceful Dong villages, which are made up of wooden houses, drumtowers and wind and rain" bridges, demonstrate strong national colours. Sanjiang, a paradise for cultural exploration and natural adventure, has recently been honoured as "The Most Important Dong Cultural Centre" in Guangxi, making a very important part of the wellknown "Golden Tour Route? Guilin Longsheng Sanjiang Rongshui Liuzhou

Sanjiang has captured the imagination of travellers around the world, because you will find incredible beauty wonderful food, and unique architecture in this region. But more important than this is her people, who welcome you with open arms. Perhaps only when you have experienced the real Sanjiang would you come to discover the hidden Dong civilization.

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