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Wuyishan Mountain

Wuyishan Mountain, Fuzhou tour China travel Fujian tours
Wuyishan Mount, Fuzhou travel China tour Fujian tours
mt. Wuyishan Mountain, Fuzhou tours China travel Fujian tour
Wuyishan Mount, Fuzhou tour China travel Fujian trip

Located at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces, in the northeast of Fujian, Wuyi Mountain, is one of the areas nicest spots and one of the most pleasant mountains in all of China. Despite its inland situation, this is an extremely popular area and it can get very busy here. It is a good idea to visit out of season whenever possible.

Early in the Spring and Autumn Period some 2500 years ago, the Ming (Fujian) people first settled here. Han Chinese have gradually settled here in large numbers over the years and the area is now home to a mixture of nationalities and ethnic groups.

The scenery here is surprisingly spectacular, falling between two major areas; the Jiuqu River and the Thirty Six Peaks that rise up at the top of the mountains. This is archetypal Chinese scenery- picture postcard stuff (green and lush vegetation, red cliff faces and small, preserved villages) that generations of painters, poets and artists have visited for years gone by in an eternal search for inspiration. The air here is wonderfully clean and fresh, particularly pleasant in early evening, when a hazy mist shrouds the mountain summit.

The unique climate in the region is ideal for the growth of numerous variety of plant life, which, in turn, provide a second-to-none habitat for different species of rare animal.

Most visitors to Wuyi Mountain stop off here on a trip between Fuzhou and Xiamen. One note of warning before disembarking from the train- foreigners are generally grossly overcharged in these parts so be prepared to defend yourself and bargain hard!!!

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Wuyishan Mountain
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