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Dalian tour map
Dalian, Dalian travel China tour Yunnan tours
Dalian, Dalian tours China travel Yunnan tour
Dalian, Dalian tour China travel Yunnan trip
Dalian, Dalian travel China tour Yunnan trip
Dalian, Dalian tours China travel Yunnan trip
Dalian, Dalian tour China travel Yunnan trips
Dalian, Dalian tour China travel Yunnan tours

As early as 6000 years ago, our ancestors first exploited Dalian region. In Qin and Han period (221B.C.-220A.D.), Dalian region was under the jurisdiction of Liaodong county. In the early period of Tang Dynasty (618-907), Dalian region was under the jurisdiction of Andong Prefecture in Jili state, and in Liao Dynasty (916-1125), it was under the jurisdiction of Dong Jing Tong Liaoyang county. Dalian was named Sanshan in the period of Weijin (220-420), San Shanpu in Tang Dynasty (618-907), Sanshan Seaport in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Niwakou in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). In the 1880's, Qing government constructed loading bridges and fortifications with built-in cannons, and set up mine camps in the northern coast of Dalian gulf, making it become a small town. After the invasion and occupation of Russia, the city was called Qing Niwa and was renamed Dalian in 1899.During the 1st and 2nd Opium War, Dalian was invaded and harassed by the British army. As the main battlefield of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Japanese-Russian War, Dalian suffered great calamity in these two wars in modern history. Consequently, Dalian became Russian and Japanese colony for nearly half a century, meanwhile under the Japanese colonial rule for 40 years. The unconditional surrender of Japan on August of 1945 marks the liberation of Dalian in the anti-fascist war, thus ends 40 years' colonial rule over the city. On September of the same year, the Preparatory Committee of Dalian Workers' Union was founded. On October, the northeast bureau of the Communist Party of China appointed Mr. Hanguan secretary of the CPC Dalian Committee, and the CPC Dalian Committee and Dalian municipal government were founded. On July of 1946, the CPC Dalian Committee was reorganized into the CPC Luda committee. From 1949 to 1956, the socialist transformation was almost finished. From 1957 to 1966, the all-around socialist construction started. From 1966 to 1976, Dalian experienced the Cultural Revolution. After 1976, Dalian entered the new period of socialist modernization construction. In 1984, Dalian was approved by the State Council to be the coastal open-up city and was designated as the city with separate economic plan in 1985, enjoying provincial level decision-making authority.

On the east coast of Eurasia and the southern tip of Liaodong peninsular in northeast China, Dalian stretches from 120.58' to 123.31' east longitude and 38.43' to 40.10' north latitude, with the Yellow Sea on the east, Bohai Sea on the west, facing the Shandong peninsular across the sea on the south and backed up by the vast Northeast Plain on the north. Dalian is the marine gateway of northeast China, North China. East China and the whole world. It is also an important port, and a trade, industry and tourism city.

Dalian covers an area of 12574 square kilometers, among which 2415 square kilometers of area is the old city. This area abounds with mountains and hills, while plains and lowlands are rarely seen. The terrain, high and broad on the north, low and narrow on the south, tilts to the Yellow Sea on the southeast and the Bohai Sea on the northwest from the center. The region which faces the Yellow Sea is long and gentle. The Qianshan Mountain range of Chang Baishan Mountain system passes through the whole region from north to south. Mountain regions and long eroded foothills are widely dispersed within the region. Plains and lowlands are only interspersed near the confluence and in some valleys. Kast topography and sea erosion topography are everywhere.

By the end of 2009, Dalian had 4 professional art performance troupes under its direct municipal jurisdiction, 13 public libraries, 12 cultural art galleries and 7 public museums.

Artistic creation and performance: The 20th Dalian International Fashion Festival opening night was held successfully. The professional art performance troupes under direct municipal jurisdiction completed some 900 scenes of performance, including 400 scenes of performance at home. More than 120 scenes were for "Sending Plays to Villages". "Dream Ballet" won the second prize for general magic at the 24th World Magic Conference.

Social and cultural events: Some events such as "In honour of the Mass Performances Celebration Week for the 60th Anniversary of New China"; a series of "Ode to Motherland" and the 15th Korean Folk Culture and Art Festival were organized. At the "First Farmers Art Festival of Liaoning Province", Dalian won 14 first prizes, 22 second and 24 third, ranking first in the province both in number of total awards and winning of the first prize. In "the 9th Dandelion National Outstanding Youth Artist Trials", Dalian won 32 gold medals, 42 silvers, and 46 bronzes, ranking first in total awards in the nation. There were 5 protection lists of "non-material cultural heritage" at national level, 24 at provincial and 75 at municipal; there were 3 representative inheritors at national level, 11 at provincial and 75 at municipal. Throughout the year, there were 12,000 times film shows for farmers, with more than 200 million viewers.

News and publishing (copyright) administration: By the end of the year, Dalian had 6 newspapers, 54 periodicals and 6 publishing houses (including audio and video). 390 copyright registrations were completed, up by 11 percent over the previous year. The event of "Delivering Books to Villages" was launched, more than 30 thousand books were sold and over 3700 books donated.

Administration of cultural market: 60 thousand illegal publications (disks) were confiscated, of which 50,000 were pirated books, 480,000 pirated optical discs, and other illegal publications 20000 (copy). The Internet cafe chain was vigorously promoted; the franchise rate achieved 100%.

Cultural relics and museum work: Field work in Dalian for the third national survey on cultural relics was completed, 2010 items of immovable historical relics were recovered or newly discovered. Dalian Immovable Historical Relics Protection Regulations, the first local protection law for cultural relics, was drafted; Overview of Dalian Cultural Relics, the first professional book describing Dalian's cultural relics, was published. Industrial heritage was for first time put into the protection system, 27 units were confirmed as focused protection. Two protection lists with 143 immovable historical relics were publicized. Municipal museums held 40 shows and displays, and received 453 objects donated and 804 collected.

Radio and television:There were 40,000 new cable subscribers throughout the year, total users reached more than 180 million;50,000 overall conversion of digital cable television were completed, cable digital TV users reached more than 150 million;592 km new post cables were built, 1,969 km fiber optic cables and 684 km cables were laid for the cable network in rural areas. In 2009, the TV series "Venture into East of Shanhaiguan" won the national prize of "Five Best Projects" award, 4 prizes of "Flying Apsaras Awards," 7 "Golden Eagle Prizes" and the Seoul drama award for best screenplay. Throughout the year, 5 television programs and works won national awards and 69 won provincial prizes.

Dalian Travel Attractions
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