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Home >> Zhangliang Temple travel information and trip

Zhangliang Temple

Zhangliang TempleLocated in the south of the Qinling firewood Guanling, Zibo, Shandong south foot, 17 km away from Miaotaizi street at the city of Hanzhong Liuba County. Sichuan-Shaanxi Highway across the door first, more convenient transportation.

According to legend, the main adviser Han emperor Liu Bang, the early Han Dynasty three heroes (Zhang, Xiao, Han) Zhang, one of the assistant Liubang achievement after the empire, on the stepping down gracefully, prop name bigu, lived in this. Posterity admire him play it safe strategy and off the ground is not home, the high winds, where Bong Temple temple. For he had closed, Liu Hou, named left-designate Temple, commonly known as Zhang Temple.

Zhang Temple has nine homes, 156 houses, a total area of ??42,100 square meters. Into the door communication is a big mountain wooden bridge, called shoe into the bridge, take Zhang to Yellowstone in Italy Wherever bridge into the shoe it. Around the inside of the second gate bell, drum on the second floor, to the northwest is the Basilica of the hospital, the hospital hall located on the east-west axis, northwest of the main hall, as at the Department for Zhang. Basilica of the north east into the small door to the North Flowers' garden, erected a large monument at the northwest corner of Park stage, 260 cm high, 84 cm wide, 20 cm thick, engraved immortal hero four characters, which is quite We appreciated by tourists interested in calligraphy. There is a hexagonal pavilion on the order, it is called worship shiting take Zhang worship Yellowstone teacher intended.

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