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Home >> Ancient Culture Street sightseeing guide

Ancient Culture Street

Ancient Culture StreetIn Tianjin, Tianjin think generally enjoy some flavor, the ancient flavor, cultural flavor of friends, the best place than the Ancient Culture Street. Ancient Culture Street and North Avenue from the Palace Palace Palace Square in front of three parts, a total length of 580 meters, 7 meters wide street, Tin Hau Temple is located in the center of the whole street. All buildings of brick, is the largest one in Tianjin antique buildings. Architectural style is imitation of the Qing, civil, small formula style.

80 individual buildings, mostly full Street, second floor, are equipped with in our classical literature, myths and legends theme tempera paint, brick, wood carving. Street north and south of each new copy of a Qing-style arches and four plaque inlaid floor, floor south exit archway plaque as hometown Tianjin and Qingxue North exit archway building plaque as Put on the Art Gallery and Jin Ao.

1986 New Year's Ancient Culture Street opened. Not only in the street into the hundreds of shops, mainly engaged in old books, except for antique jade, traditional handicrafts, folk supplies, Tianjin Yangliuqing folk art, clay figurine Zhang painted sculptures, Kite Wei Kee, Liu Zhuanke, as well as all over the country cloisonne, jade teeth, double-sided embroidery, Chinese and Western musical instruments, art ceramics on thousands of famous handicrafts, stationery as well as antique artifacts, books, paintings and so on.

In the Culture Street, in addition to a variety of shops, there are many small stalls, selling candied fruit, roasted sweet potatoes, pastries, desserts, the most attractive is that a large teapot mouth of the dragon punch, with out tea taste and technical people to look after the show can not help but want to try. Walking Ancient Culture Street, when the ear came the cries of selling as if we are surrounded by people who have been away from the now very distant era, in front of the scenes seem strange and familiar screen appears.

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