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Home >> Tropical Wildlife Park sightseeing and tour

Tropical Wildlife Park

Tropical Wildlife ParkHainan Tropical Wildlife Park is located in Haikou City Xiuying District Dongshan Town, 27 km away from the sea, it was the first to China Tropical Wildlife Expo, science theme park, is a major tourism project in Hainan Province, the national popular science education base, the entire park area of 2,000 acres, the world's rare and protected animals, more than 200 species, the number of more than 4000 (only).

The park has dealers viewing area, pedestrian viewing area, lakeside resort, the central service area. Animal viewing area where rare birds and beasts and natural restocking tropical more than 200 species of rare and endangered animals. Visitors can ride in the road viewing area View African lions, Amur tigers, bears and other wild animals in their natural state charisma, but also can watch the Asian elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, monitor lizards, long python, emus in the pedestrian area dwarf horses, but also exposure to artificial Monkey Mountain with a group of monkeys playing in the bird world with a tropical stroll, watch a variety of tropical birds show. Dining with a variety of tropical unique flavor snacks for visitors to enjoy.

Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park changed the pattern of other prisoners beast city walls zoo cages, so that wildlife has space tropical jungle free-living wild animals were able to expose the dripping, filling all kinds of rare birds and animals style, group Lions fought over bloody, the first Monkey Mountain, the humorous, fishing crocodile stimulus, birds contention spectacular, Liger Love, the romantic, brutal strangling plants you can ...... glance in the park. Here you will have more than a heartbeat, there is more humorous. Through the necessary management and security facilities, allowing visitors to enjoy a thrilling journey, dream trip in the park.

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