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Home >> Changlong Wildlife Park trips and travel guide

Changlong Wildlife Park

Changlong Wildlife ParkGuangzhou Changlong Safari under the national first national 5A scenic spots Changlong Tourist Resort, located in Guangzhou Panyu. Park in large-scale stocking of wild animal populations and self-drive watch for the feature sets move, plant protection, research, tourism watch, science education as a whole, known as China's most international standards of national wildlife park is full World animal populations most, the largest wildlife theme park.

Changlong Safari Park covers an area of 2000 acres, divided into vehicle and pedestrian resort resort two parts. Travel resort is located in the western half, large-scale stocking of wild animals; pedestrian resort is located in the eastern half, keeping the display of rare wild animals from around the world.

Guangzhou Changlong Wildlife World has a large area of southern subtropical rainforest original ecology; has 50 Australian Koala national treasure, 10 Chinese giant pandas, Malaysia, orangutans, Asian elephants in Thailand, Honduras, anteaters and other countries in the world, including national treasures more than 500 species, more than 20,000 rare animals only; with the country's first self-driving mode to see animals, with elephant theater, theater Journey to the West, white tiger show, performance-oriented four African animals animal shows and various animal shows.

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