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Home >> Jueshan Temple travel guide and tours

Jueshan Temple

Jueshan TempleLinqu city located 15 kilometers southeast of sleep mountain mountainside. Jue Shan Zhong Shan, also known as hanging. Temple weeks mountains surrounded the gubosensen inside the temple scenery. Jue Temple Pentium away from the front of Tanghe in history was once a river, the river to the southeast mountain feel left no offspring is 30 kilometers into the sea Hebei Laiyuan territory. At less than 30 km from this process, there are the following sleep Mountain Village on the river, thousands yuhe a, four tributaries Tanghe. Here deep canyon and sparsely populated, has a good water landscape environment.

Monastery was founded in Northern Wei Wo seven years (483). Temple construction division three axes, each axis has three front to back courtyard. The central axis has gate, bell tower, front hall, the temple and the East Hall. East and West, the three axes side by side, surrounded by walls and tidy. Temple by the Liao Da-six years (1090) after rehabilitation, despite the Yuan and Ming dynasties earthquakes, still stand tall. 13-storey tower, the plane was octagonal, Miyan solid brick. The tower has octagonal tower treasure, octagonal tower center stem. Layer can climb inside a carved wooden Buddha, the walls with murals. Pylon around the brick Kabuki, Liao Dynasty brick art treasures.

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