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Home >> Baidicheng travel information and tours


BaidichengFengjie County Baidicheng located Qutang mouth of the Yangtze River north, east according to Kuimen, near the West Eight Diagrams, surrounded by water, land and water dominating strategic position, 451 km from Chongqing city. According to legend the Western Han Dynasty, Gongsun separatist Sichuan, claiming Shu Wang, because Seeing one well often white smoke rising, the shape of the White Dragon, so claiming the White Emperor, then this capital, and Ziyang city name to Baidicheng . Existing Baidicheng is the Ming and Qing dynasties repair sites.

Baidicheng is the view Kuimen the best place. Ancient famous poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai, Liu Yuxi, Su Shi, Huang, Fan Chengda, Lu Deng and so have Baidi, travel Kuimen, leaving a large number of poems. Li Bai, the DPRK between speech Baidi Choi, Trinidad Jiangling day also, the two sides ape could not cry, my boat these ten thousand mountains, the poem, it is popular. Therefore, there Baidicheng Poetry City reputation. Three Kingdoms crusade emperor Liu Bei Wu, defeated Baidicheng, sadness into the illness, before dying in the shore excursion to the prime minister Zhuge Liang Yong'an Palace Tuogu. Baidi temple is now on display there, Liu Bei Tuogu large-scale clay sculpture.

The temple also has artifacts on display inside the Qutang Cliff and 73 since the Sui and Tang calligraphy inscriptions, and more than 1,000 pieces of ancient relics, ancient and modern masters of more than 100 pieces of calligraphy and painting. The bamboo Stele poetry and unity, unique style; Three Kings Monument Juan phoenix, peony, Indus, beautifully ornate, called treasures. Where the famous turn of the Spring and Autumn Basu copper sword, shaped like a willow, technology skills. East, west two Beilin, displays more than 70 blocks of stone intact, including the Sui Dynasty inscriptions dating back more than a thousand 400 years of history. After the Three Gorges project is completed, the water level will raise. Baidicheng surrounded by water will become a fairyland, the scenery will be more attractive, direct access to the city's cruise.

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