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Home >> Jinshanling Great Wall sightseeing information

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great WallJinshanling Great Wall is located in Chengde City Luanping Bakshi camp area, adjacent to the Beijing-Chengde tourist highway, 130 kilometers away from Beijing, 91 kilometers away from Chengde. It is east of the Wuling Mountain, the west ridge Crouching Tiger, Nantong Kyoto, north of the dam, is out of the inside and outside of the plug choke, but also the history of the battleground.

Jinshanling Great Wall east Wangjing floor, West Long Kou, a total length of 10.5 km. Khanh first year (1567), by the Ming Dynasty famous patriotic Qi presided over the construction. It is due to the location of the flat terrain, easy to attack and hard to defend, together with its built later, can create a fully draw on the experience of the Great Wall built in the ancient past, there are many unique aspects to improve the overall defense capabilities, they formed a county connected to the enemy sea floor, heavy city guard, shooting circles intersect, the flames alarm defense system, there are many military facilities for the Great Wall are rare. And it is not only defensive rigor, built from the artistic point of view, but also in style. Built in the form of enemy units only have square building, round building, flat floor, Corner House; arrow windows floor is also divided into three holes ranging from floor, four-hole floor, five-hole floor.

Jinshanling Great Wall called the essence of China's Great Wall, the text blocks, barrier wall, retaining wall horse, unicorn screen wall four absolutely be called the Great Wall, compared to the famous Badaling heavier. November 15, 1992, Asian famous Air blues driving a motorcycle flew over, but it renowned at home and abroad.

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