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Home >> Shiyanhu Lake travel information and tours

Shiyanhu Lake

Shiyanhu LakeHunan Shiyan Hu eco-tourism scenic spot is located in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan City Interchange, the resort covers an area of 5 square kilometers, 15 square kilometers planned. 10-20 km away from the three cities, 50 million annual tourists. It is the first assessment of National Tourism Administration 4A level scenic spots, Hunan first safari, ten water bodies tourist attractions Hunan, professional development training base, mass base boat race, the top ten most popular people in Changsha One of tourist attractions.

Shiyan Hu pure quiet lake, meet the national quality standard, it can be used directly for drinking water. Beautiful natural scenery, forest coverage rate is high, as the natural oxygen bar, historical and cultural heritage, there is the vault Jian, Guan Di ancient spring, Mindzhevan simple tomb, the tomb of the patriarch Shaoqi and other historical and cultural landscape, there is a well-known geology The 300 million years ago Devonian vault Stream system standard group of stone. Resorts has developed dozens of unique recreation projects, such as dragon boat racing, clear water Spansion, horse racing, rock climbing, barbecue, live CS radium warfare.

Boat race is a major feature of the project Shiyan Hu, the exhaustion of autumn maple race a boat race to experience the fight with Lake Bobi waves of passion. Within the scenic city of peak is the highest peak long line, between the three cities Lake, where cliffs, steep terrain, before liberation bandits hiding place knot Village, formerly known as Zhaizi so. Top of the mountain, you can Beitiao Changsha, Zhuzhou South Point, West Kan Xiangtan, panoramic view of the three cities. Square area within the Wa, have come from the China-Burma border in Wa Mei princes folk dance will be held here. There is Premier Zhou passion involved in bamboo dance, splashing water, and playing dance, hunting and other great original features and participatory programs.

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