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Home >> Prince Gong Palace Garden tourist guide

Prince Gong Palace Garden

Prince Gong Palace GardenPrince Gong's Palace, also known as extraction Jinyuan, according to experts, research was built in the Ming Dynasty. The whole garden is about 150 meters north-south, east-west width of 170 meters, covers an area of 28,000 square meters, has 31 ancient buildings, an area of 2800 square meters, the building is divided into three road layout.

Prince Gong's Mansion Garden facing south, mountains title water, is in the Beaulieu water surrounded, fixed bridge, not far from the silver. Prince Gong's Mansion and its gardens as early as the reign of Emperor Qianlong and scholar Henshen mansion, more than 200 years of history. In fact, from the garden of the Kangxi Yubi Fu monument and wooden structures and rocks Bonding technique point of view is a process characteristics of the Ming Dynasty. Jiaqing four years Heshen Felon, mansion confiscated give celebrate Prince Yonglin, in fact, celebrate palace. Xianfeng reign given to Prince Gong Yi change, since known as Prince Gong House and Prince Gong's Palace.

Prince Gong Xin Yi mobilize one hundred craftsmen to rebuild the garden artist, into the southern and northern garden art architectural pattern as a whole, the Department of Western architecture and landscape architecture as a Chinese classical garden, home by rocks trees, gorgeous gorgeous painting. Flowers shop, shady trees. Ming Gallery channels, birds singing cicadas. This chic and elegant gardens, Prince Kung Hei entitled Crafts Jinyuan This garden palace who has more than a hundred Imperial Crown, you can call it human gods House, Shichahai pearl. Prince Gong's Palace was listed as national key cultural relics protection units, the national opening of tourist attractions.

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