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Home >> Terracotta Warriors travel information and tours

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta WarriorsTerracotta Warriors Museum is located 37 kilometers away from Xi'an Lintong county, east and south leaning Lishan, north Wei, magnificent, is the focus of the national cultural relics protection units. 1974, in the East Emperor Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors found three large funerary pits and excavations have been carried out and build a museum to protect. Three pit finished shape, with a total area of 22,780 square meters, the pit placement and the size of the real troops pottery figurines horse a total of about 7400 pieces. Three pits were named first, second, third Terracotta Army pits.

Pit maximum pit depth of 5 meters, an area of 14,260 square meters, has more than 6,000 pottery pit pottery horses, orderly arranged in circular square. There are three horizontal easternmost pit warriors, armed with crossbows class long-range weapons, like for forward troops, followed by the 6000 composition of the body armor figurines troops, armed with spears, Ge halberd long weapon, with 35 multiplied by Sima war car had holes arranged in 11 columns of 38 Road. North and south wings of the rearguard. Terracotta Warriors in Pit II plane was L-shaped area of 6000 square meters, is a ride east, by the cavalry, infantry, crossbow and tanks mixed grouping of large military array. Crossbowmen figurines can be broadly divided into square, Sima chariot square, car step, mixing long phalanx cavalry figurines, figurines cavalry phalanx four relatively independent units. There are more than 1,300 pieces of pottery pottery horses, chariots more than 80 vehicles, and a large metal weapons. Three terracotta warriors pit plane concave shape, an area of about 520 square meters, it is the one China tour to Xi'an, Pit is an organic whole, like as the integration of the armed forces division headquarters, unearthed 68 figurines and four horses a car.

Is China's largest ancient military museum on the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Figurines excavated by opening up after a sensational array of world. In 1978, former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac after the visit, said: With the seven wonders of the world, the discovery of the terracotta figures, we can say that the eight wonders of the pyramids do not look, not to Egypt, do not look at Terracotta, not to. China. From Terracotta known as the eighth wonder of the world.

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