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Home >> Huaqing Hot Springs, Xi'an tour guide

Huaqing Hot Springs

Huaqing Hot SpringsHuaqing Hot Springs, Yiming Hua Qing. 23 km east of Xi'an. Tight according to the geographic location of Gyeonggi, charming and beautiful landscapes, natural good fortune Mountain Spa, Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang emperors are in this construction the Shang Lin Yuan, enjoy the natural scenery and customs.

Huaqing Hot Spring's most famous scenic occurred in the thousand years before the Emperor and Yang love romance and 30 of the last century generation that shocked the world of the "Xi'an Incident".

From AD 745 to 755 years, the annual lunar month of October, a the Xuanzong must-kai chaise sisters and Minister Huaqing Guan "refuge from the cold, the following year before returning to the capital Chang'an late spring. "Everlasting Regret", the famous poet, tracing reign with chaise in this loving joyous feeling. Hua Qing reached its peak, became the political and cultural center, which is referred to as the "second Chang'an.

December 12, 1936, the modern history of the famous "Xi'an Incident" broke here, Huaqing Hot Springs has once again become a place to rewrite the history of China, by the people of the world visions Day.

Existing scenic spots Tang Dynasty culture as the core the court culture area, Imperial soup cultural district, Love Cultural District, Liyuan Cultural District, Central Park Cultural District and five cultural district. Main landscape the Feishuang temple Dragon Lake, Palace of Eternal Youth, Lotus Lake, Depot House, dozens of famous landscape garden buildings and "of lotus soup" (Imperial soup), "Begonia soup" (chaise pool) unearthed Royal Queen Tangchi sites and the earliest Royal College of Art - Tang Liyuan.

Huaqing Pool has a long history and profound cultural connotation, the iconic scenic spots of China Tang cultural tourism. Huaqing Pool is the first national 5A class tourist attractions, national key scenic spots, national key cultural relics protection units, the National Cultural Industry Model Base, a national civilized scenic building advanced units, famous gardens.

The great poet of the Tang emperor and Yang Yuhuan love story written through the ages "Everlasting Regret". Pathos this song, Feel the love myth, took place in the Tang Dynasty, the foot of the Lishan Hua Qing ...

China Xi'an tours to Huaqing Hot Springs of the Tang emperor Lilongjisi Mu Tiansheng beauty, pour Wai Allure of Yang Yuhuan, and called their palace, thanks to the chaise. Huarongyuemao, singing and dancing, of Concubine Yang bathing Begonia soup, careless Sleeping Hibiscus account, drunkenness Yuk House feast, Manwu Palace of Eternal Youth, with Ming Wong Song. An Lushan rebellion, the Ming emperor with chaise fled Mawei, all the soldiers forced Prince Yang Yuhuan. The chaise certain death, Ming Wong Ganchangcunduan. "Rebellion" settles, Ming Wong returned to Chang'an. Dreams of infinite melancholy and Lesser the Penglai meet in the Moon Palace Aifei. The the two tears handle Husu Acacia, hoary, adjourned to the marriage.

History of real large-scale dance drama "Everlasting Regret" to four levels ten scene "sexual gratification", "Shichong Concubine", "life to death", "Wonderland Reunited, occurred in the story to reproduce this moving love poetry.

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