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Home >> Gulangyu Island tourist guide

Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu IslandGulangyu surrounded by sea, an area of 1.87 square kilometers, the island Shanghai reef rocks, meandering coastline, chain of mountains, peaks and crags ups, nature gods created a timeless bright Gulangyu Island island scenery, the main attractions are the Sunlight Rock, Shu Zhuang Garden, bright moon Park, both of Xiamen King.

Xiamen tours to Gulangyu Island subtropical marine monsoon climate, abundant rainfall, mild seasons, more than 4,000 families on the island more than 90 species of perennial plants lush, rare species have only domestic large fruit Red wood, the most coarse Indian rosewood, from New Zealand and other countries the introduction of all kinds of rare trees, some vegetation on the island has formed the climax community subtropical marine monsoon climate under. Gulangyu Island waters surrounding the main part of the Xiamen Port, endangered Chinese white dolphins protected areas, protected areas amphioxus, Lantau Island Egret protected areas, and Kinmen islands across the sea.

From the mid-19th century, along with the spread of Christianity, Western music began to rush Gulangyu Island, and Gulangyu Island elegant living environment integration, creating a Gulangyu Island today's musical traditions and cultivate Zhoushu'an, Lin Junqing, Yin, Chen Zuo Huang, Xu Feiping etc. a large number of outstanding musicians. Today, the per capita rate of Gulangyu Island Piano has the nation, the island has more than 100 musical family, 2002 Gulangyu Island was named Music Island Chinese Musicians Association.

Gulangyu Island celebrity numerous historical sites. Here is one of the best preserved historical sites of national hero Zheng Chenggong area, a large number of precious Cliff island, though after many years of trials and hardships, still well preserved. China Modern Obstetrics and Gynecology Lin Qiaozhi founder, pioneer of modern Chinese language Lu stupid chapter, China and other modern sports enlightenment family McMahon Gulangyu Island membership than 60 former residences of celebrities, mausoleum in Gulangyu Island island. Gulangyu Island with its graceful natural scenery and heritage rich cultural heritage, a national key scenic spots, one of 35 National Scenic ace, ranking first in Fujian Province, the top ten scenic spot.

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