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Home >> Yellow Crane Tower travel guide and tour

Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane TowerYellow Crane Tower is renowned Chinese and foreign historical sites, and Yueyang, Hunan, Jiangxi Poetic, Shandong Penglai Pavilion collectively known as China's four famous building, known as the first floor world country. It ranked Bin, the head of the snake mountain Yangtze River, perched million lined Wuchang city, facing surging mighty Yangtze River, opposite the quaint Kiyotoshi Riverside Court, located just off the intersection of the Yangtze River and Beijing-Guangzhou line, that is something waterways and north-south road the intersection point. Ancient celebrities, Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai, Chia Tao, Lu, Yang Shen, Jang and so has to play here, stonewalls. Leaving a lot of well-known poems. Tang Dynasty poet Cui Hao a Huang Xiren have to go, here spare Yellow Crane Tower. More China tours of Wuhan so the Yellow Crane Tower fame.

According to legend, the Yellow Crane Tower was built in the Three Kingdoms period, repeatedly destroyed ancient corps is now building for the 1981 renewal, the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi floor for prototyping. Building site is still snake hill. Main building 49 meters, a total of five, save Spire, layers of cornices, looked in all directions as one. From the floor to see layers of longitudinal rows of canopies and floor are directly related to, shaped like Huang, artful. Among the entire floor of the forceful yet sophisticated, varied charm and beauty. Yan Zhu underlying outer diameter of 30 meters on the central front hall set up large wall reliefs, showing the ancient myths and legends about the Yellow Crane Tower; triple set mezzanine corridor, poetry, calligraphy and painting exhibition related; two, three, four outside the four corridors for visitors to overlook; five for Outlook hall can watch in this river views. Huang bronze outside the building shape, wins like the pagoda, the Church, Xuan Gallery, pavilions and a number of auxiliary buildings, the main contrast even more magnificent. Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan cities boarded the enchanting scenery vividly, China's vast beautiful country also distant sight. Because of this unique location, as well as previous poems spread so far, Wen Fu, couplets, plaques, Mo Yan stone and folk tales, so the Yellow Crane Tower Building mountains become cultural and cultural landscape of mutual reliance.

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