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Home >> Mulan Mountain travel guide and tour

Mulan Mountain

Mulan MountainMulan Mountain Taoism jungle located 58 km northeast suburb of Wuhan Huangpi County, Mountain fever Qiaoba, rocks hills just, Evergreen Emerald, temples everywhere, is the history of Buddhism, Taoism vibrant resort. The scenic area is divided into ancient village, stone area, Garden District, Hills District four areas. Mulan Mountain temples, began in the Sui and the Tang Xing, Sheng Yu Ming, has there had been seven Eight Views thirty-six palace temple Buddha statue thousand spectacular scenes.

Mulan Mountain religious architecture features are: First, the "Buddha in the Word, in Buddhism", the Buddhist and Taoist buildings blend; Second, focus on building the temple structure made ??with stones staggered entrapment, not mud, that dry stone wall. Guzhai District winding down at the top of the main peak pray heir, at the altitude of 582 m, length 5 li. Was built in the Southern Song Dynasty Kaiyuan (1259), the earliest of Beacon, the Qing Xianfeng three years (1853) to prevent the Taiping plus repair towers, is a veritable Guzhai for military defensive.

Subsequently, with the prevalence of religious activities, the construction of the temple every year, there is formed a lot of magical attractions building. One day the door Guzhai region, South Gate, Magnolia Square, two days door, three days door, Golden Square, Square, Jade, Jade Cave, Lingxiao Street, lion nose holes and other major attractions. Scenic stone mountain rocks a lot, shapes, plus ancient folk legend, China tour of Wuhan in which the body is quite Vivid charm. Entire scenic stone by stone steps with each foot 1090 diverse landscape stone state series, so that visitors ascend stone stairs side, side view side armor, human face stone, Coronet stone, toad stone, stone chessboard, through Arrow stone, stone Buddha, Baekundong, Prince Edward Cave and other attractions. Garden District, the ancient hero slope, Crystal Palace, nine steles, playing children fossa, three wells, dismount stone and other attractions. Hills area dishuiya, Longtoushi, Broom Bamboo and Crouching Tiger Stone, Ssangyong Pavilion, sword wall stone and other attractions, there are nearly 20 summer resort.

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