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Home >> Donghu Lake tour guide

Donghu Lake

Donghu LakeDonghu Lake, located in Wuhan City, East. 1982 by the State Council as the first batch of national key scenic spots. The scenic area eighty-eight square kilometers, planning construction area seventy-three square kilometers, accounting for about a quarter of the urban area. Tourists every year over two million people, is the largest landscape Wuhan tourist sites.

Four seasons can tour, known as "Chunlan, Qiugui, Xiahe, Dongmei" reputation. March orchids April cherry, flat as a mirror lake, birds singing forest; Meteors in July, when the heat is not available, the infiltration of water, Wuhan tour the temperature is lower than the city's average temperature zone, into the Yongchang to cool off, leaning shade and cool air fan, Peak climbing can be mingling, autumn, Gui Lei bloom, fragrance miles, ten thousand leaves, cenglinjinran; winter cold, snow Fen Yang, moshan hundreds of acres of plum blossom bud spit, slanting crosswise, glamorous and subtle fragrance, lady Ascot, pour.

After five years of development and construction, Donghu Lake Scenic Area has become the beautiful scenery, and Mao Jingwen scenic area. 1999 by the Central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee, the Ministry of Construction, the National Tourism Administration awarded the "National Civilized Scenic Area Model", in January 2001 by China Tourism Bureau as AAAA level scenic area.

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