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Home >> Panshan Mountain travel guide

Panshan Mountain

Panshan MountainPanshan Mountain is a national key scenic spots, like ten Jinping, stand tall in Jingdong, Tianjin North, from twelve kilometers northwest of the city of Jixian. Is today a famous tourist destination in northern China, is listed as one of China's history, fifteen great spots to Jingdong mountain famous.

Panshan Mountain scenery of Wufeng eight stone, three wins and said absolutely strange, Jiuhua East Peak, near the West swordplay peaks. Wufeng save cluster, rugged rock formations, natural form of the three wins. Song wins on the plate, cricket song nebula days; the rock wins, weird magical; footwall water wins, splashing spray jade beads. History has built 72 temples and 13 exquisite pagoda, a royal garden? Quiet send Villa to East Mountain is known for Buddhist community.

Majestic mountains and steep Panshan Mountain, China Tianjin tours to mountainous scenery and quiet, overlooking the sea of clouds Greenfield, close up water Shi Qingqi, step by step, there are stunning views, quiet wind Luan beautiful, overlooking the sea of clouds Greenfield, close up water Shi Qingqi, step by step, there are stunning views, every scene has allusions legend. She is a natural landscape and historical sites and the Buddhist monasteries and royal garden, said a total resort. Qing Emperor Qianlong had traveled more than 32 times Panshan Mountain, issued a If I had known there are Panshan Mountain, why Jiangnan sighs. Panshan Mountain ten years of development and construction, has restored the four major scenic areas, scenic spots and built thirty summit winding road and 980 meters of the passenger ropeway, enabling service facilities have improved. Panshan Mountain with a new attitude, greet visitors from home and abroad.

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