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Home >> Huoyuanjia Former Residence sightseeing guide
Huoyuanjia Former Residence

Huoyuanjia Former ResidenceFine Wuyuan Zu Fearless is a famous modern Chinese patriotic martial artist. Xiqing District, a small village south of the farmhouse is About Fearless year life of appliances and the circumstances, according to historical renovated into a brick, look northward, three cases out of five small courtyard-style building. Fearless in the main room is a portrait taken in 1909 in Tianjin, linking both sides of condolence chivalrous life, Heroes is his second son Fok Tung Kok wrote. His early years in Shanghai founded Chin Woo Athletic Association, in large letters. Fearless its superb martial arts skills and a strong patriotic spirit of renowned Chinese and foreign, he advocated Jingwu spirit to spread and develop. Currently, Chin Woo Athletic Association has spread abroad. To commemorate the Jingwu Ganso, hometown people as he built from the cemetery, the white marble tomb of Sun Yat-sen was a discharge of wrote the martial spirit four gold, Fearless bust stands in the cemetery of flowers and leaves.

Residence something of 11.6 meters, 12 meters long from north to south, a total area of 139.2 square meters, construction area of 46 square meters. Fearless Tianjin tour when on display in the former residence of farming used tools, used martial arts weapons, household items, furniture, four treasures and founder of the Jingwu Fearless will flag other physical and information. Fearless mausoleum in the small southern village of about 400 meters, covering 8,580 meters, construction area of 1763 square meters tomb group, Fearless coffin in 1989 4 May 29 re-interment here. entire mausoleum of Shinto, lions, Xiangdian, stone arch, sleep Park composition. overall architecture uses a symmetrical layout axis, the axis of Shinto, red cloth on the shield LMH, yellow, three -dimensional blue star flower beds, flags Jingwu conference Purpose purpose - moral, intellectual and physical development square Xumizuo, pulling 1.8 meters, 1 meter around the set with sweat Bai Yuxiang case placed before the gravestone, tomb ring by the hair. bone Stone assembled, seal rock along, ding process to stack stone ax is the total height 3.5 m after leading the south side of Shinto pine. Fearless coffin that is buried here, the tomb establish 1.5 meters high and 0.75 meters wide ink tombstone one pass, Yang monument engraved Fearless, the tombstone engraved with the sun Fearless Biography, Fearless lined lush fruit tomb four weeks to form a nest of green garland, quiet and solemn, gray tone in the tomb matched people awe.

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