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Home >> Mengshan Giant Buddha tourist information

Mengshan Giant Buddha

Mengshan Giant BuddhaMengshan about 20 kilometers southwest of Taiyuan, north end of the village temple jinci, the main peak 1,325 meters high, is one of the old Aria Mengshan Taiyuan Eight. Qi Gao Yang Di Yu Tianbao years (551) will be extended to the Eastern Wei large stately Temple Temple opened, dug a 200-foot high cliff Buddha, known as the Western Hills Buddha, than is currently the country's largest Leshan Giant Buddha is slightly higher. When Emperor Wen built a shelter cover Buddha Diange, Tang Emperor and Empress Wu Buddha had come to this, given intrauterine cassock. Since the Temple destroyed Pour House, Giant Buddha submerged rocks rubble to see only part of the chest neck, chest width 25 meters, 17.5 meters high and five meters wide neck diameter. Currently being planned as a tourism resource development.

Jinyang Mengshan Giant Buddha, also known as the Western Hills Giant Buddha, is a statue of Jinyuan District of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, northwest end of the village temple in Mengshan Cliff Giant Buddha, now Taiyuan units. Mengshan Giant Buddha excavated in Northern Qi Tianbao years, this is a civilized sihou Mengshan Cliff Buddha. Gaozu Li Yuan, Tang Emperor Li Zhi and Empress Wu Zetian, Rick after Tangwu Huang Di, the Han emperor Liu Zhiyuan have come to this Buddha. Yuan Dynasty, Mengshan Giant Buddha destroyed. China Taiyuan tours names in the census in 1980, Mengshan Giant Buddha was rediscovered, found the Buddha's head has disappeared, Buddha body being buried in the debris, weathered serious. Historical records, Mengshan Giant Buddha sophomore hundred feet (about 59 meters this system). According to the actual measurements, Mengshan the bottom of the legs to the neck Giant Buddha height of about 30 meters, in proportion to the original estimate of about 10 meters high Buddha head, plus the time to build up the base of the later rebuilt six meters high, Mengshan the original height of Giant Buddha approximately 46 meters. Since 2007, Taiyuan conducted on Giant Buddha Mengshan protection and development, strengthening the Buddha body, and with reference to the Northern Qi Dynasty unearthed in Taiyuan Buddha head a newly built 12 meters high Buddha head. October 2008, Mengshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area open to the public.

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