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Home >> Fenhe Reservoir travel guide and tour

Fenhe Reservoir

Fenhe ReservoirRail, road transportation is very convenient. Relying on modern water conservancy scenic Gaoxiapinghu created by history, culture and Cangsang Pearl - Millennium Temple, suspended Stephen Temple, as well as emerging modern fitness, entertainment, a plateau region in northern China rare form of beautiful natural scenery peculiar, magnificent history and culture heavy, high-tech magic water scenic charm.

Second Fenhe scenic thirty kilometers from China Taiyuan tour, is a flood control, flood and a comprehensive benefits based power generation, tourism and other large-scale water conservancy project, in order to increase the fun of wildlife tourism, Second Fenhe spent ten a few million to repurchase twenty raft, rafting added a new project, where visitors taste the landscape Southland fishing fun, new additions trapeze falling from thirty meters altitude weight loss, there is excitement and thrilling bungee jumping, is currently the only high-altitude project in Shanxi, boats, bridge, caves, springs, both north architectural features, there are outdoor adventure stimulation. Taiyuan rise Daweishan Jiancaoping area and orchard picking local farmers and other tourism development projects and libraries together to form the provincial capital Fenhe surrounding wildlife tour featuring the new line with the North.

Second Fenhe scenic mountains, craggy rocks, towering peaks, and some, like the sleeping Buddha, called sleep Foshan ; some, like beauty Yan lying, called beauty peak ; some, like generals, soldiers, the name Taiwan will be. Mix, ready to come out. The water here, narrow lake, clear as a mirror, boating on the lake, on both sides of Castle Peak reflected the meantime, palpable, described as mountain walk on water, in painting the middle. Spring flowers are blooming, gurgling streams ; summer lush, green and groaning ; fiery autumn maple leaves, berries fragrance ; the winter snow, ice and color. Tourism projects within the scenic area novelty, unique flavor.

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