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Home >> Baoyuan Laocu Workshop tourist information

Baoyuan Laocu Workshop

Baoyuan Laocu WorkshopSince ancient times, the number of Shanxi vinegar, vinegar in Shanxi Qingxu number. As the birthplace of Shanxi Vinegar - Qingxu, in the history of 4,000 years of the evolution of vinegar, the vinegar industry of our country has made tremendous contributions, Qingxu therefore also known as the Chinese vinegar. However, with the advance of history, to the Republic of China, due to successive years of famine and Jinzhong area suffered the ravages of war, Baoyuan Workshop Off Laocu number out of business.

Baoyuan Laocu Workshop reconstruction using the Ming and Qing architectural style, brick, tiles, ancient sculpture, completely restore the Ming and vinegar Workshop Vinegar production processes, vinegar appliances, tools and clothing, from raw materials to finished one step vinegar reproduction ancient vinegar scene.

Today Baoyuan Laocu Workshop Taiyuan Bureau of Education has been designated as Taiyuan teenagers heritage education base, was named the first batch of industrial tourism demonstration Taiyuan attractions Taiyuan Tourism Bureau, Shanxi Province Department of Culture was named Shanxi Province Qingxu vinegar brewing art museum , by the National tourism Administration as national AAAA level scenic spots, such honor was bound to flourish Shanxi Mature Vinegar will play a huge role in promoting.

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