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Home >> Zhouzhuang sightseeing information


ZhouzhuangZhouzhuang is located southeast of the city of Suzhou, Kunshan southwest, China's first water in the world, is one of six southern town. Zhouzhuang is a 900 years of history with a water town, Zhouzhuang and officially named, but it is in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi. Kunshan, Suzhou, Zhouzhuang in southwest jurisdiction, ancient Zhenfeng. To choose the most representative in China, a water town, no doubt, she is the China's first water Zhouzhuang. Vicissitudes of years of history and rich culture nurtured Wu Zhouzhuang, with its scenery of the famous canals, the unique cultural landscape, rustic folk customs, becoming oriental cultural treasures. Zhouzhuang as an outstanding representative of the fine traditional Chinese culture, and become the cradle of Wu culture, Yangtze River Delta model.

The most famous Suzhou tours attractions are: Shen Manzo residence, rich Onkyo, double bridge, Shen hall, Strange House, Zhouzhuang eight and so on. Rich Onkyo is the only three-dimensional shape of Jiangnan Bridge Floor, Hopewell wall construction; Shuangqiaoshan connected by two bridges as a whole, unique; Shen hall-style courtyard house is clear, the overall structure of rigorous, local styles; addition to virtual Cheng Taoist temple full blessing speak other religious places.

Zhouzhuang South verge of a lake, commonly known as South Lake, south white finishes, and Wujiang boundaries. South Lake by boat capable of reaching the Qingpu couch, Tour Grand View Garden. Lakeside agreeable environment, quiet, clear lake beneath pure, rich fish. Here is both a natural reservoir and fish farms, is a rare beauty. Lake scenery seasons, autumn moonlight exceptionally intoxicating. When the cool breeze, the moon hung when a green lake, along the golden, full of smoke a long empty Haoyueqianli, floating light Yue Jin, Jing Ying Shen Bi, the mood.

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