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Home >> Tongli Old Town, tour guide of Suzhou

Tongli Old Town

Tongli Old TownTongli Town, Suzhou, Tongli Town stands scenic Taihu Lake in Suzhou, east of the Grand Canal. She was built in the Song Dynasty, has been a thousand years of history, is truly ancient town. Tongli Town near the Provisional Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places, is famous for the southern six major rivers and lakes, one of the five lakes surrounded by reticular river will be divided into seven townships Island. Scenic town, outside the town is surrounded by water. She is the first in Jiangsu Province, the town is the only town as cultural relics protection units. Jiangsu Province, the first historical and cultural towns. Where ancient town and garden retreat the World Heritage Tentative List. Tongli town from a water network, civilian water river bridge abound, long green water, clear water flowing water, "every waterfront, household through the boat." The formation of "Roadway bridges and more, people do pillow river", Liu bridge through the water city, river ports into the shoal, "a unique landscape, is the southern typical" bridges, water, people, "the ancient town.

Tongli scenic, outside the town is surrounded by water, the town by the 15 rivers divided into seven islands, connected by a bridge 49. Waterfront town every family, every household boat; Ming and Qing houses, row upon row; Ming and Qing bridge intact. It bridges people win the pattern "Oriental Venice" in the world. Existing notably garden retreat, farming music hall, Tsui Villa, three Xie Tong, Shi Yu first, lying cloud Um, Temple, Shangyi Tang, Jiayin Hall, Chongbentang other garden and ancient buildings.

If Suzhou like a moon, then where is the month with the Water side a star. Against the background of the blue sky, summer Tongli Town a little more exclusive style charm, like Juan "world historical and cultural town," the arches, the hot sun, vitality.

Here, after all, rivers Gangcha such as nets, bridges look everywhere, heat reduced by almost half. Moreover, the premium and the building's garden retreat, expanse Daiwa Li, cloister pavilion, winding streets, some are cool, some are quiet. In the "mushroom rain raw pavilion" rest, Suzhou tour through the rose window, browse a green wave pool, gazing at the water lilies, refreshing, heat totally disappeared, but also dissipate the hustle and bustle of urban life and burnout, Yan Liang dissipated career ups and downs, fighting the sea storms. No wonder the old park owner, Qing Anhui Bingbei Road Renlan Sheng retire and return home, built this "retreat" of the park. In fact, a kind of "inaction" move Bale. So far, the town there are a lot of restaurants and elegance, hang "retreat thinking off" Girlie, is in the "nostalgia", right?

Changqing, Geely, Taiping these three Qing bridges, small, simple and elegant, was tripartite balance of forces stand in the T river. It is said that "Bridge" is the same in the bridge of treasures, old every marriage, to the sound of drums carrying palanquin in "Bridge." Strikingly, Geely Bridge River recover from a sedan chair, surrounded by a group dressed in red satin embroidered with gold filled bearers. Is clearly an antique tourism projects. Look around the surround and protect the old house Chongbentang Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty farming Jiayin Hall and park, and Changqing Qiaotu pick Xinghuang Qi teahouse, antique, complement each other, let your mind into the ancient past feelings. Month edge star flashes. Looked on the east river, Huangyou, faintly hear Luoxing Zhou side of the temple Fine. Courtyard, flickering lamplight, shadows whirling, and occasionally came pond fish Sha chatter, quiet gotta let you dim Jinxi evening ......

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