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Home >> Humble Administrator's Garden tour information

Humble Administrator's Garden

Humble Administrator's GardenHumble Administrator's Garden, on behalf of the Southern Gardens, the largest garden in Suzhou classical landscape garden, is one of the four ancient Suzhou Garden is the largest garden in Suzhou, the most famous one, is included in the World Heritage List called the China Private Garden classic. It was built in the Ming Dynasty Masanori years this garden jurisdiction area of about 83.2 mu, an open area of about seventy-three acres, including garden central, western and 000 households in the late Qing Zhang (now Suzhou Garden Museum, Old Building) late Qing architectural heritage garden, about thirty-eight acres.

Humble Administrator's Garden covers an area of 52,000 square meters, is divided into East Park, the Park, West Park three parts. East Park Hill pool and white, dotted with kaoliang incense shop, Lan Xue Hall and other buildings. West water roundabout, compact layout, construction yard in Pavilion, Suzhou trip to where the main building was the park owner Yuanyang Hall dinner guests and listening to music venue hall elegant furnishings. The Humble Administrator's Garden is the best part, the overall layout to the pool as the center, pavilions are built near the water, and some pavilions are straight out of the water, with the characteristics of the Yangtze River Delta. The main building is located in the pool hall's far south coast, across the two sides of the pool and Lord King Island sea, clear water vast, planted flowers, tree-lined mountain island Zade, waterfront vines Fenpi, the valley between two mountains stand there are small mountain the construction of a pavilion on the island, west of Xuexiang cloud Wei Ting, east until cream kiosks, four seasons vary over time. Church of the far-west Reliance Y¨² Rather west Fang boat-shaped Xiangzhou distant relative, both to its north. He Feng four Pavilion as the three pillars, with the potential Shanghe can.

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