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Home >> Zhujiajiao travel information and trip


ZhujiajiaoBin gray Jiufeng Mountains, the vast Dianshan, a block of 47 square kilometers a folding fan-shaped town, set in the lake among. Someone likened her to Shanghai's Venice, was likened her Dianshan Lake jewel, and now this bright pearl in the golden jade - 318 State Road basis, emit more dazzling brilliance. This is the famous ancient town of Zhujiajiao, Shanghai Municipal Government in 1991 was named as one of the first of the four cultural town.

Zhujiajiao located in Jiangsu, Shanghai trip to Zhejiang and Shanghai two provinces and one city traffic to pivot, geographic location, east Hongqiao International Airport, north of Kunshan, Jiaxing, south, west Ping Wang, Dianshan downstream port river wearing golden waterway canal town. Aspect river port town, nine long street stretching along the river, one thousand Ming and Qing architectural accordance with standing water, 36 stone bridges still weathering, monuments abound. In a similar tired of the high prices of a man-made landscape, people did not dare surprised at the Shanghai suburbs so well preserved as well as an authentic, true mountain water, natural landscape, where you can look for a return to nature, advocating the Wild Enjoy. No wonder the name of a professor at Tongji University in the study Zhujiajiao, feel praise: There are so rich cultural heritage Zhujiajiao, Shanghai is not only a treasure, but also treasures the country. The late renowned Taiwanese writer San Mao, this worked, bridges, water, people, the pattern and fascination for shital quiet, everywhere can be painted, and always have style poetry while intoxicated. CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Wu Bangguo visited the ancient town of Zhujiajiao, the can not help but pleased Mingbi, wrote National Historical Town characters.

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