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Home >> The Bund travel guide and tour

The Bund

The BundThe Bund, also known as Dong Yi, a total length of 1.5 km. Located in Puxi, east of the Huangpu River, west of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Chinese and western wall, etc. 52 different styles of buildings, known as the International Architecture Exhibition group. Huangpu River is the largest river flowing through downtown Shanghai, Huangpu River source is located in the Zhejiang Anji Longwangshan Nature Reserve. Since then the Huangpu River through the sea, by the tidal influence, on average twice a day significantly high and low tides phenomena, water level drop of up to four meters a day or more, in case of astronomical tide, the water level drop is even greater.

The Bund is located in Shanghai 's Huangpu River. It represents Shanghai tour of Shanghai scenery and is a must visit tourist destination. In the late 19th century, many foreign banks Bund in Shanghai, known as the fiscal Street or Oriental Wall Street of the Bund established. Therefore, the Bund became the place to encourage financial investment. Due to the rich historical value of the Bund, the Bund has a small piece of land is not only a sign of wealth, it is a sign of honor.

White Bridge to Nanking East Road section of the Bund, is located at Shanghai Pu Beach County Chengxiang outside, is learning known as the Bund. It is the first Shanghai city skyline, has been called the Huangpu, Yangzi Road, Bund Road, in 1945 changed its name to Dong Yi. The Bund was originally a desolate shallows along the beach there is a narrow dirt road, when the boat Fraser fiber for walking. West beach of farmland, dotted with huts scattered among terraced rice paddies ditches. Twenty-three years before the Qing dynasty (1843) British imperialism in Shanghai opened Concession, the Bund along the river first delineation of its vessels under the anchorage segment. November 29, 1845, through the Shanghai Land Regulations, the 830 acres of land west of the Bund is zoned British concession. Since then, the colonial authorities would build the British Consulate (now No. 33 The Bund Shanghai China Travel Service branch location) in lijiazhuang (aka Lee Field, Xinan this Yuanmingyuan, Beijing East Road near the Bund section). Soon, the British Consulate south line along the Yellow River, has been found in Sassoon Matheson, Gibb Matheson, Matheson PCC flag Keller, etc. Matheson Matheson everlasting. Towpath Pro Huangpu River, in 1848 was transformed into a 18 -meter-wide road, and on the eastern side of the road construction dock, stack, the Bank and shipyards. 1854-1941 years, appeared more than a dozen foreign banks and Chinese banks to become Shanghai 's financial center, the Oriental Wall Street, said. Bund houses are two-story and three-story building at the beginning.

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