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Home >> Yalong Bay travel information and tours

Yalong Bay

Yalong BayYalong Bay is located in China's southernmost tropical seaside tourist city - 28 kilometers southeast of Sanya City, Hainan is the southernmost tip of a half-moon bay, is about 7.5 km, is the name of one of the King of Hainan. Yalong Bay beach stretches seven kilometers wide and flat, shallow area 50-60 m wide. Valuables white sand, crystal clear water clarity, and blue. Visibility of 7-9 meters. Underwater world rich in resources, there are coral reefs, a variety of tropical fish, rare shellfish. Annual average temperature of 25.5 ¡ã C, water temperature 22-25.1 ¡ã C, can swim all year round, known as "the world Bay."

Yalong Bay mild climate, picturesque, China tour of Sanya here are the blue sky, bright warm sunshine, fresh and moist air, rolling hills, a mix of rock, the original quiet mangroves, wave flat calm bays, crystal clear waters , fine white sandy beaches and colorful underwater landscape. Eight kilometers of coastline coconut po Buddhist monk's robe, the growth of many exotic plants and original tropical vegetation, distinctive patchwork distribution of this resort, but also like the many bright pearl, the Yalong Bay dress style charming, brilliant.

Yalong Bay, a pleasant climate, winter can be cold, summer can be refreshing, "Sanya Guilaibukan sea, except Yalong Bay," which is visitors on the Yalong Bay heartfelt praise. Yalong Bay is a typical tropical climate, annual average temperature of 25.5 degrees, the soft fine sand stretches about 8 km stretch, Hawaii beach length is about three times. Water visibility of 7-9 meters underwater coral reefs are very well preserved, with many different forms of life, colorful tropical fish, coral reef is a national key protected areas. Bay area of ??66 square kilometers, which can accommodate 10 people leisure tour, thousands of cruising yachts chase, we can say here is not only the coastal beach and is a rare diving resort.

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