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Home >> Wuzhizhou Island tourist information

Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou IslandAs the high-end tourist attractions Required Use of Hainan, a tropical island set Wuzhizhou Island rich tourism resources and unique in one. Island, beautiful natural scenery, unique features, the various types of holiday cottages, huts and bars, tennis courts, a seafood restaurant and other facilities, and has been carried out, including diving, semi-submersible tours, fishing, water skiing, sailing, windsurfing , motor boat, banana boat, canoe, drag parachute, bouncing boat, beach motorcycle, water parachute, beach volleyball, beach soccer, etc. more than 30 sea and beach entertainment, to come to visit and vacation travelers brought the original , quiet, romantic and dynamic fashion leisure experience.

Island, east, south and west sides Manshan Pinnacle, 85 families more than 2700 kinds of native plants lush, not only tall trees, there are lush luxuriantly shrubs, which not only from the age of dinosaurs handed down sand spinulosa such singular flowers, Sanya tours also the growth of surviving on the planet by far the oldest plants, known as "Earth's plant old birthday" Dracaena, parasitic, strangulation and other tropical landscape plants everywhere. Linhai steep rugged rocks, line the sea, the great tide, spectacular. Central undulating winding mountain meadow, green dressing. Northern beach flat calm, sandy white and delicate, reminding us of scenes jade heaven. Crystal clear waters around the sea visibility 6-27 meters, waters rich luminous snail, sea cucumber, lobster, mackerel, sea urchins, pomfret and colorful tropical fish, has a well-protected waters in the southern undersea reef, the world's number is not the only no more rocks or pebbles mixed island, is the best diving base. Vistas Yanbohaomiao, sky and sea.

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