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Home >> Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area tour guide

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area

Nanshan Cultural Tourism AreaNanshan Cultural Tourism Area in Sanya Nanshan, 40 km away from the city, north of State Road 255 and the resort island of Hainan Expressway through. Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area is divided into three theme parks: Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Park is a showcase of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture, full of deep philosophical meaning, can enlighten the mind, educate park life. The main building has Nanshan Temple, Nanhai Guanyin Buddha, Guanyin Cultural Garden, Tianzhu shrines, Buddhist scenic landscape Court, and the final ten Tallinn Park, Buddhist cultural center, a vegetarian shopping street.

Chinese Longevity Culture Park is a collection of the essence of Chinese culture, the most prominent peace, tranquility, happiness, peaceful atmosphere of the park; South China tours of Sanya style Cultural Park, Nanshan area is a blue sky and water use statistics, unique sunny beaches, reefs and other landscape of mountain woodlands charm, prominent display of the coast of the South China Sea natural beauty and Li Miao village culture and customs, the park is also compatible with a number of modern Western civilization, the main building has pasture, Waterloo battlefield, Li Yuan Miao customs, myths, roaming the world, Huang Daopo Memorial , Ocean Park, Underwater World, bird paradise.

Nanshan Temple is also the founding of the State Council approved the first new youngest temples. Standing in front of the temple platform overlooking view of the sea, a few mountains looming faintly visible in the clouds, then you will feel Li Bai, I suddenly have mountains sea, mountains between illusory, the poem with a very appropriate here. . Several leaf boat on the sea waves in the microwave, paint a pattern of Penglai fairyland and Nanshan Temple is to create the most famous in the world, up to 3.8 meters, worth 192 million yuan in the world, one must craft a national treasure - the world's first statue of Bodhisattva statue Jinyu, because Wonderful artistic charm and Bodhisattva with special edge Nanshan attracts visitors Octagon. Nanshan Temple ubiquitous display a profound Buddhist culture and traditional Chinese culture, is rare in the world, shocked World famous Buddhist resort.

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