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Home >> Dongtian Park travel guide

Dongtian Park

Dongtian ParkDaxiaodongtian tourist area , called ao size of the Cave , is located 40 kilometers west of Sanya City, Nanshan southwest corner , with a total area of ??22.5 square kilometers , pillow sea rise steeply, as the ancient city of the south cliff barrier. Founded in the Southern Song Dynasty ( AD 1187 ) , is the oldest in Hainan Province attractions, is China 's southernmost resort Taoist culture since ancient times because of its strange and beautiful sea, mountain , formations and Dongjing known as " Qiongya eight hundred first scenic Spots " , has become the first national 5A-class tourist attractions.

Sanya Daxiaodongtian left many celebrities ancient historical site . Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen went to Japan six times to spread the Dharma , Sanya tour had drifted to the fifth Nanshan Daxiaodongtian coast landing , leaving the eternal History of ; Song Dynasty Huang Daopo of cotton spinning technology innovator in this area picking cotton and from here on board offshore , the cliff of cotton spinning technology and dissemination of technology at home and abroad ; Song Bai Yuchan Taoist Sect Wuzu had in this practice and preach sermons , and Taoism from the size of the Cave with origins ....

Sanya Daxiaodongtian otherworldly scenery , but also attracted numerous celebrities past and present , leaving a lot of praise chapter. In 1962, Comrade Guo this tour visit to Cuba , wrote " tour Cliff County ao " a poem , and engraved in a small cave beside . April 17, 1993 , when the Communist Party of China Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Jiang Zemin visited and inspected the inscription: "blue groaning away Qiongya full of spring ." January 1994 , the CPPCC National Committee vice chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association Zhao for the scenic inscription " blessing, such as the East China Sea , many happy returns ."

Sanya Daxiaodongtian Relying on unique ecological resources , Heavenly Creator of Shanhai shaped wins and profound historical and cultural heritage, has formed a six tour areas : to highlight the ancient road track Oz 's "Wonderful " area to explore longevity culture "Fu Shan "area to promote the Chinese dragon culture " Sea Dragon King "area , revealing the ancient cliff deep cultural streams " Cliff Ode "area to the coastal natural landscape theme " Aboriginal spectacle "area , showing the life of the world 140 million years ago "Sanya Museum" , a total of more than 50 scenic spots . Sanya Daxiaodongtian more than one million annual tourists trips, is an ancient cliff Chau culture context , the convergence of traditional Chinese Taoist culture and dragon culture , into coastal scenery , science education, folk customs , coastal leisure in one of the international tourism landscape areas.

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