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Home >> Trestle Bridge travel guide and tour

Trestle Bridge

Trestle BridgeThe bridge is a symbol of Qingdao. Located in Qingdao Bay, and the city's most bustling Zhongshan Road in a straight line from the coast into the sea front, known as the rainbow far cited reputation. The bridge was first built in the eighteenth year of Guangxu (AD 1892), is the oldest marina in Qingdao. After 1931, rebuilt and renovated in 1985, is 8 meters wide, a total length of 440 meters. The southern end of the semi-circular breakwater bridge building, Tsutsumiuchi is an ethnic style with two octagonal gold tile wall Zhu, helmet roof cornices, Title Lan House. Trestle draw waves chopped waves, like a long line of silver lying in sea waves. Through the bridge getting into, as if into the embrace of the sea; standing beside Court, layers of waves of emotion coming, beating dams, blow from thousands Suiyu; into Genei along the spiral staircase to the upstairs board, is surrounded by spacious the large windows, looking ahead, is another round of pleasant scenery, flying back to Lan therefore known as one of the Qingdao Ten.

Autumn high tide, especially in the western Andi best scenery, waves lapping, sparking tens waves, crashing sound, spectacular, China Qingdao tours at low tide, the sea retreat 100 meters on the reef beach full of sea dig clams visitors. In recent years, Qingdao has launched the retain Seagull campaign, when every winter calm, thousands and thousands of low-flying Hui Xiang Haiou in the Gulf, with the blue sky, the distant Lan House, near the sea viewing tours people constitute a harmonious picture. Northbound along the coast turned into Pier Park, the park pine green grass, flowers and trees, stone benches and a cloister, with beach rocks seamless, side by side, at night, brightly lit, the bridge, the shore as Zhu Zhu magnolia bloom, water sparkling, and far from the piano island floating light away with shine.

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