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Home >> Laoshan Mountain travel information and tours

Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan MountainLaoshan Mountain Shandong Peninsula, the main mountain range, the top elevation of 1133 meters the highest peak Laois. It stands in the Yellow Sea, tall and majestic. Local saying goes, said: Tarzan, although cloud height, as East Laois. Shanhai connected, features mountain light sea color, it Laoshan Mountain scenery.

Mountains in the country, only the Laoshan Mountain is pulling to the rise of the sea. Laoshan Mountain is around 87 kilometers of coastline, coastal islands 18, constitute the Laoshan Mountain sea wonders. When you walk in Laoshan Mountain quartzite road, one side is the sea groaning, the great tide; the other side is pine rocks, lush, you will feel open-minded, cool air god Shu. Thus, in ancient times called Laoshan Mountain is a fairy of the house, the House of the supernatural. Legends of Qin Shi Huang, the Han Dynasty have come here Immortality, these activities give Laoshan Mountain coated mystery.

Laoshan Mountain is a famous Taoist mountains, Qingdao tour past the height, the Eight Views seventy nine palaces Um, the whole mountain has thousands of priests. The famous Taoist figures Qiu Changchun, Zhang San Feng, etc. have in this convent. Most of the original Taoist destroyed. Scale preserved in Taiqinggong is the largest, oldest history.

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