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Home >> Baguan Mountain travel information and trip

Baguan Mountain

Baguan MountainEight fish Hill Mountain is located north of Ocean University of Qingdao on the east side. 20 1920s and 1930s, there was a group of Chinese modern literary history famous writers gather. Hong Shen House on the crossroads of Eight mountain mountain corner, a two-story small building. By stone steps into the hospital, and then through the stone steps to enter the room.

From Queen Butterfly movie Cast peach is the creation of Mr. Hong Shen, which is China's first film script, written Qingdao modeled. Xi Ren has to go, the door lock has rusted. Generation of literary master Ba Jin said: In 1932, I went to a friend Qingdao mountain hostel, where the creation of the love and as sand Ding He referred to the mountain is eight off the mountain, friend, wrote the preface. The hostel is Shen's House. Shen Hong Shen from the former residence and the adjacent residence is a two-story, in front of a courtyard full of flowers planted. Shen Congwen here wrote From the autobiography, remember Ling, Eight Horses and other classics, Border Town is brewing here. Opposite the former residence, Qingdao trip was the former residence of the famous writer Wu Boxiao Mountain House, it has been removed.

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